Physical protection

When you organize personal security, ensure order at an object or mass event, you should understand all weak points and risks. That is why Bezpeka LTD is the most reasoned choice: professionals will cope with any threat!

Why Bezpeka - LTD?

This is priority activity of our company. Ensuring the safety of the object, cargo and mass events should be really qualitative and comprehensive. We use modern special equipment and equipment that guarantees 100% security and prevents even minor violations.

Among our clients

The main goal of physical security is to ensure order in the controlled area and to instantly respond to the actions of intruders.

The difference between physical security and technical security means is the combination of the human factor and technical means. A person thinks outside the box, emotionally and can identify an intruder and neutralize him faster than high-quality equipment. Even the very presence of a security guard reduces the number of thefts and other illegal activities!

Physical security from Bezpeka-LTD company is a guarantee of the safety of any enterprise or residential building! We have all the necessary licenses, modern equipment and qualified personnel, we take into account all the features of the facility and create a truly effective security system!

We provide a full range of security services for individuals and businesses. Our employees know how to protect a client from ill-wishers, prevent theft or damage to property!

What does physical security consist of?

Physical security means a whole range of services for the protection of an object, including the installation of security posts, patrols, alarms, a video surveillance system and other technical means necessary for the security guards to perform their tasks.

  • Guard service – installation of stationary posts or mobile console systems for prompt reception of alarm signals.
  • Patrolling the territory – guards make a systematic tour of the territory, preventing unauthorized entry into the object, and if criminals are identified, they detain them until the police arrive.
  • Installation of checkpoints – equipping checkpoints at the entrances and exits of vehicles from the territory, recording visits.

In addition, physical security in Kyiv includes inspection of vehicles, installation of a video surveillance system and secure an order at the facility.

How to organize physical security properly

The organization of physical security depends on its type: security of objects, surrounding areas, public events or cargo escort. Physical security can be accompanied by the use of special equipment (for example, gas canisters), supplemented by the installation of an alarm button. Also, guards with specially trained dogs can be involved here.

To ensure the security of a large area (for example, when physical security in Kyiv needs to be provided for a warehouse facility or a multi-story shopping complex), it is necessary that the actions of the guards are coordinated, and they themselves are correctly distributed. Also, in such case, the territory is often divided into zones of responsibility – thanks to this, the entire territory will be under control, and blind spots will be avoided. At facilities where it is necessary to organize a checkpoint regime (factories, industrial enterprises or their individual workshops), one cannot do without physical security either.

In all these cases, an integrated approach is required – that is why the most correct decision would be to contact the company Bezpeka-LTD!

To organize effective physical security, we implement three main stages:

  1. Planning – the study of the location and other features of the object. To create an effective security system, you need to provide for all the nuances: the location of the entrances, communication with neighboring buildings, the number of people in the room, and much more.
  2. Identification of weaknesses – investigation of the object for the presence of weak points, which subsequently will need to be given maximum attention. Additionally, the peculiarities of working with clients and all internal processes, the possibility of technical accidents (leakage of hazardous substances, the outbreak of a fire) are analyzed, evacuation routes in case of an emergency are being worked out.
  3. Implementation of physical security – equipment of security posts, installation of video surveillance and access control system (ACS), distribution of security guards through the territory.

Depending on the features of the object, physical security in Kyiv can be supplemented with various technical means – radio sets, loudspeakers, personal protective equipment (flashlight, helmet, glasses, respirator, body armor).

Why you should choose Bezpeka-LTD

There are really many advantages of cooperation with us for organizing physical security. We take into account all the wishes of the customer and choose the best option for a security system for a specific facility. We employ professional security guards with extensive experience who served in the army or special forces. We equip them with effective means and supply them with certified means.

The cost of physical security depends on what exactly will be included in such services: a full-fledged security system with guards, video surveillance and equipment for access control systems, or just one patrol or one post. Having made an application for physical security in Kyiv, you can find out the exact cost for your object and draw up a budget. We value the reputation and trust of our customers, therefore we offer an efficient security system at the best prices!

Bezpeka-LTD is a whole range of security services on the territory of residential, commercial and government facilities. Taking advantage of the physical security in Kyiv, you can save your property, the life and health of loved ones, partners or employees. This type of security will allow you to create an effective access control at the facility and maintain order in places where public events are held and exclude any emergencies!

It is very easy to use physical security provided by Bezpeka-LTD. You just need to submit an application on the website of our company or just call. We will visit the object, evaluate it, agree on all the details of cooperation and provide impervious protection!

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