Physical protection

When you organize personal security, ensure order at an object or mass event, you should understand all weak points and risks. That is why Bezpeka LTD is the most reasoned choice: professionals will cope with any threat!

Why Bezpeka LTD?

This is priority activity of our company. Ensuring the safety of the object, cargo and mass events should be really qualitative and comprehensive. We use modern special equipment and equipment that guarantees 100% security and prevents even minor violations.

Among our clients

Physical security is a comprehensive measure, the purpose of which is to ensure maximum security of the object. Despite the general spread of various technical means for organizing security, in many respects the physical security is the best option: a person is able to think outside the box ensuring the most optimal security. And if you want to eliminate even the slightest risks, Bezpeka-LTD will be able to offer the optimal solution to your tasks.

For over 20 years, we have been providing security for various objects, constantly improving the quality of our services. Physical security in Kyiv and beyond is one of the most important activities of our company. Depending on the wishes of the customer and the specifics of the object, we will find performers that will meet your needs as accurately as possible. Our security officers take physical and theoretical training. We have professionals who will become your reliable “shield” for you at home and at work. We will ensure security during public events, the delivery of valuable cargo, etc.

Why us?

Maintaining a high level of service quality is a key vector for the development of our company, which allows us to dominate the Ukrainian security services market. Having concluded the contract with Bezpeka-LTD, you get much more than just the security of the object - you get a full-fledged security service! Constant monitoring of physical and theoretical training of the employees, modernization of technical means, advanced management allows us to provide the really best services in the security services market in our country. The price of our services is always affordable to customers, which is another positive factor in cooperation with our company. Leading Ukrainian companies and branches of foreign companies trust us to protect their offices and representative offices. Most of our contracts are long-term contracts, which is evidence of the high level of trust of our customers. Bezpeka LTD is a reliable physical security (Kyiv and Kyiv oblast)!

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