Security and cargo escort

Having concluded a contract with our company for cargo escorting, you can be sure that your cargo will arrive at its destination safe and sound. All escort vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers.

  • Maximum security:

    security guards have all the necessary equipment and special equipment to guarantee the necessary level of security during transit and the integrity of the entrusted cargo.
  • Affordable cost:

    the cargo escort service is available for any company or individual and does not depend on the cost of the cargo. Anyway, it is more profitable than worries and risk.
  • Confidentiality:

    we will keep in secret the name of the customer, the contents of the cargo and the reason for its transportation. The confidentiality of information provided by our clients will be observed. There will be no disclosure!
  • Optimal route:

    when choosing a transportation route, we take into account the weight, dimensions, temperature requirements and other features of the cargo and coordinate our choice with the customer.
Service Cost
Security and cargo escort
from 40 uah/km
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The personnel of our company study thoroughly the future route, the points of necessary stops and cargo transportation peculiarities, so that they are able to foresee possible danger and be prepared for any action. We organize the whole range of activities necessary for escort of important cargoes and ensure its integrity.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Speed of delivery

    Safe transportation of the entrusted cargo at top speed without the risk of loss or damage.

  • Material liability

    We are fully responsible for the cargo safety and its delivery to the place of destination.

  • Proficiency

    Only the security guards that have the work experience and special training are involved in escorting the customer’s cargo.

Security and cargo escorting is a guarantee of safe business. Entrepreneurs who regularly send and receive goods must first of all protect their goods from possible negative factors on route. We offer the best cargo escorting services among security agencies in Kyiv and will provide a solution to this issue with the utmost professionalism!

The experience of our company, the use of modern technical means of protection and GPS-tracking of cargo, as well as the high professionalism of each of the employees involved, allow us to carry out the safest cargo escorting in Ukraine!

Security of cargo must be professional!

We respect the concept of commercial secrets, ensuring its confidentiality both during and after work. The contents of your cargo will remain known only to you, your recipients and, if necessary, the escorting security officers. This approach reduces the possible risks to a minimum.

Anyway, safe cargo escorting requires the participation of professionals, and Bezpeka LTD will provide you with maximum benefits!

  • Qualified personnel with special training;
  • The use of special vehicles, licensed technical devices, equipment and weapons;
  • 100% confidentiality and retention of information about the cargo and the customer;
  • Financial liability, the guarantee of the safety of goods and the timing of its delivery.

Cargo security is carried out with the personal presence of employees who are arming and equipping based on the type and volume of cargo, its value and the wishes of the customer. The arsenal of our security officers includes modern specimens of weapons, technical equipment and special means of communication, necessary for operational communication with the headquarters. That is why Bezpeka LTD is the best security and cargo escorting in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast! 

Regardless of the distance of the journey, the specific characteristics of the cargo and other factors, we escort the cargo in accordance with international safety standards, and, cooperating with us, you will prevent all risks associated with the transportation of goods!

Bezpeka LTD - the best cargo security in Ukraine!

We will provide cargo escorting to any place in Ukraine, safety of receipt and delivery of goods, securities and other objects. High professionalism on the one hand and an objective price on the other - make our security agency the most favourable.

Cooperation with us begins with planning of the optimal route for the movement of goods. Depending on the specifics, volume and other specificities of the goods, we will make the most relevant, efficient and safe way to move. We will determine the exact time spent on the road and while doing our work we won’t deviate from the agreed route and schedule.

The number of our long-term contracts is an indicator of high customer confidence. Once demonstrating the principles of our work, we become constant performers, because the security is in the top level!

Cargo escorting for short distances or full-scale cargo security of VIP-class - in any of these cases, Bezpeka LTD is the best choice!

Our regular customers are entrepreneurs, representatives of medium and large businesses, transport companies and banks. All of them mark the level of technical and physical training of our specialists, prompt cargoes escorting to destinations and 100% fulfillment of agreed obligations. We value the received reviews and we are doing everything to make them extremely positive.

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