Console security

The use of qualitative equipment and modern devices of console security will make it impossible for intruders to enter into the object; will prevent theft and disappearance of things from the controlled territory. Advanced technologies and real time monitoring is the solution to your security problem!

Why Bezpeka LTD?

We offer really efficient security. Thanks to the well-developed alarm system and modern devices, you will get complete security from the penetration of intruders into your apartment, house, retail, manufacturing or warehouse area, as well as quick respond in the event of a fire or flood. The probability of losses will be minimal!

Among our clients

Console security of objects is a modern and one of the most efficient way to ensure the security of various objects, which is preferred by an increasing number of companies and individuals around the world. Most of the objects can be protected without the constant presence of a person. Present day systems are able to provide remote monitoring of the state of the object, particular units and technological equipment.

Security technical means are affordable and effective! 

This type of service has many advantages. For example, there is practically no human factor. The security officer may leave or be distracted, which may lead to undesirable consequences. Security of objects is carried out with the help of technical means, which are monitored around-the-clock by the operator of the centralized monitoring console. 

Console security in Kyiv provided by Bezpeka-LTD

We offer reliable security for your house, apartment, commercial or industrial object. Depending on the specifics of the object entrusted to us, our engineers will offer the best option, select the most appropriate equipment, engineer and install the alarm system. We have integrated solutions for the provision of console security services for multi-dwelling units and housing community. We have a lot of different technical means for installation on any object. The security is carried out through various sensors, with the help of which you can monitor the state of windows and doors, the presence of people and the work of technological equipment. Our operators are ready to respond to received signals around-the-clock. In the event of alarm, a rapid response team is sent to the object. Cooperating with us, you will ensure the maximum security of your object for minimum funds!

Bezpeka-LTD - modern console security of objects (Kyiv and Kyiv oblast)

Each our service package includes round-the-clock “alarm button”. This will allow you to feel safe even when the alarm is turned off! In the case of receiving a signal, a rapid response team is immediately sent to your location! Bezpeka LTD is a reliable “shield” that will guard your home or office! Prices for our services are always loyal - regardless of the type and size of the secured object, and cooperation with us is always profitable and affordable!

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