Console security

The use of qualitative equipment and modern devices of console security will make it impossible for intruders to enter into the object; will prevent theft and disappearance of things from the controlled territory. Advanced technologies and real time monitoring is the solution to your security problem!

Why Bezpeka - LTD?

We offer really efficient security. Thanks to the well-developed alarm system and modern devices, you will get complete security from the penetration of intruders into your apartment, house, retail, manufacturing or warehouse area, as well as quick respond in the event of a fire or flood. The probability of losses will be minimal!

Among our clients

Security is the first thing you need to take care of when you move to a new house or start a business, because the consequences of theft, flooding or gas leaks are incomparable with the costs of a security system.

Bezpeka-LTD offers to connect a highly effective remote control system in order to always be aware of what is happening, to prevent unpleasant incidents, or at least to reduce risks! Such a solution is suitable for both residential and commercial objects and can be installed in Kyiv and the nearest region.

Console security is really convenient: you no longer need to hire security guards – the latest technologies allow you to create an effective security system with minimal involvement of people. Sensors and video cameras transmit information to the central control panel, where the operator instantly responds to non-standard situations: sends a rapid action team to the facility or engages the police and firefighters.

How the connection is made?

It is as easy as possible to order remote control at Bezpeka-LTD. First, our specialists will inspect the object and make a security system project. And only after that they will connect the equipment, configure and check its operation. This algorithm ensures that the sensors will respond as needed, and there will be no false alarms.

Installation can be divided into five main steps:

  1. Inspection of the object – we visit the object, draw up a plan, a list of necessary equipment and assess the complexity of the work, agree on all the nuances.
  2. Project development – includes the selection of equipment, determination of the optimal locations for its location and the calculation of all work on its installation.
  3. Ordering equipment – in addition to standard devices, you may need special equipment, which can only be obtained directly from the manufacturer.
  4. Installation and connection – carried out in accordance with the project of the security system. Sensors and software are installed.
  5. Equipment inspection – after the installation work is completed, it is necessary to inspect the equipment operability, adjust the sensors, adjust their sensitivity and connect the devices to the central control panel.

Console security can consist of a variety of elements – it all depends on the characteristics of the room and the tasks set. In some cases, these will be motion sensors paired with video cameras, and in the others – only smoke detectors.

Advantages of Bezpeka-LTD in connection and protection of the facility

Installation of console security from Bezpeka-LTD is a round-the-clock monitoring of the security of your house, apartment or enterprise! We monitor the condition of the sensors, record the signal and quickly respond to non-standard situations, and always remember to carry out systematic maintenance – this allows us to increase the efficiency of the system and reduce the number of false signals.

You get a high level of security with the console security from Bezpeka-LTD! You do not have to worry that the security guard will not notice the intruder or leave the workplace for a few minutes, which will be the advantage for the criminal – the console security devices work continuously!

Console security from Bezpeka-LTD Kyiv has significant advantages:

  • fast processing of applications for connection and repair of console security equipment;
  • drawing up a project, high-quality installation of equipment;
  • checking the security system and prompt troubleshooting;
  • an exchange fund that allows you to quickly send a rapid response team to the object, replace sensors, video cameras and even a car for the task force.

Using the remote control, you get a round-the-clock alarm button. This feature will allow you to monitor the security at the facility, even if the alarm is disabled. We want to build a productive relationship, so we always help you choose the best security system option! Moreover, the cost of our services is the most profitable in Kyiv!

Types of protection for console security (equipment)

We use modern equipment, which in terms of functionality significantly exceeds the standard security systems. These are detectors of motion, opening of windows and doors, smoke, vibration and gas leaks, an alarm button, a central control panel, control panels and additional power supplies. We use equipment from trusted manufacturers – AJAX, SATEL and many others. These products have all certificates and have successfully passed field tests.

The sensors that complement the remote control system react to certain situations. So, vibration sensors react to knocks and shocks, even normal movement on the surface. Opening sensors are triggered by opening windows and doors, and motion sensors are triggered by the movement of people in the room. They are installed both individually and all together – depending on the situation at the facility.

In addition to standard equipment, we offer to order sensors for glass breakage, flooding and gas leakage. Fire sensors record an increase in temperature, smoke and concentration of carbon monoxide in the air, and flood sensors allow timely detection of a leak from a pipe and thereby save the placed equipment or expensive goods.

Console security Kyiv can be supplemented by a video surveillance system with face and license plate recognition technology. Redundant power supplies support the operation of security devices in the event of an emergency power outage. In this mode, the equipment can work up to 7 hours!

How to order a service and how the process of cooperation with Bezpeka-LTD works?

To connect remote control to a residential property or commercial real estate, you need to leave a request on our website or just call us. Applications by phone are accepted from 9:00 to 18:00 every day. We will advise on major issues; we will clarify whether there is any other security system equipment at the facility and we will coordinate the visit of specialists who will develop a project and draw up an estimate. We are not just engaged in installation – we select the most effective devices, configure the equipment, test and connect to the console.

When all the tasks have been set, a contract is concluded for the installation and maintenance of the console security equipment, and after all the work has been completed, we conduct a full-fledged instruction in operation. If something goes wrong, we will replace this element and re-configure the system.

The console security of objects is as simple as possible: when an attempt is made to enter, an alarm is instantly triggered. An alarm signal is sent to the central control panel, the nearest rapid action team is informed, which arrives at the facility in 5-10 minutes and resolves the situation.

The main task of the central station operator is to immediately respond to events and filter out false calls. He can send a rapid response team to the facility, call a police squad or the gas service. The owner of the premises automatically receives information about events on the phone and is also aware of what is happening.

Operators of Bezpeka-LTD control the work of the operational group, draw up routes for their movement, analyze notifications about power outages or discharge of the sensor battery. One operator can monitor 2000 objects. The technical condition of the devices is monitored by engineers – they connect the devices and, if necessary, troubleshoot. When one company deals with all issues, the risk that something will be overlooked is eliminated!

Console security in Kyiv will solve all security issues! It is a simple and effective system, consisting of sensors, an alarm button and a control panel, which will make it impossible for theft, fire, gas leakage or flooding. Bezpeka-LTD uses only advanced technologies that reliably protect the territory both day and night!

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