Search for listening devices

Identification of active and passive bugs, ensuring the telephone conversations security and business negotiations.

  • Active listening devices:

    search for spyware devices that transmit signals through radio and wired channels.
  • Passive listening devices:

    identification of stethoscopic devices for taking information from secondary sources (laser devices which take sound from window glass oscillations, etc.).
  • Technical information protection:

    development of express events against passive listening devices to ensure the safety of important negotiations with business partners.
  • Protection from phone interception:

    search for spy devices on wired and wireless phones (listening programs).
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Search for listening devices
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

On legal grounds we are able to detect and neutralize even the most modern spy devices – in apartment, office or motor vehicle. The specialists of Bezpeka LTD use reliable and modern equipment that will make impossible the information leakage and share personal secrets.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Reliability

    Complete confidentiality and protection of personal information.

  • Corporate secrecy

    Prevention of illegal actions and continuous control of corporate information.

  • 24 hour security

    Continuous real-time monitoring of all important events that affect data security.