Search for listening devices

Identification of active and passive bugs, ensuring the telephone conversations security and business negotiations.

  • Active listening devices:

    search for spyware devices that transmit signals through radio and wired channels.
  • Passive listening devices:

    identification of stethoscopic devices for taking information from secondary sources (laser devices which take sound from window glass oscillations, etc.).
  • Technical information protection:

    development of express events against passive listening devices to ensure the safety of important negotiations with business partners.
  • Protection from phone interception:

    search for spy devices on wired and wireless phones (listening programs).
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Search for listening devices
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

On legal grounds we are able to detect and neutralize even the most modern spy devices – in apartment, office or motor vehicle. The specialists of Bezpeka LTD use reliable and modern equipment that will make impossible the information leakage and share personal secrets.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Reliability

    Complete confidentiality and protection of personal information.

  • Corporate secrecy

    Prevention of illegal actions and continuous control of corporate information.

  • 24 hour security

    Continuous real-time monitoring of all important events that affect data security.

Frequently asked questions
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Confidentiality of negotiations is the key to successful and safe business operation. Every year businessmen lose millions of dollars in profits due to leakage of commercial information – and this is only in Ukraine!

We must not forget about the protection of the corporate network, rights, patents, the security of banking transactions, but if the office does not have protection against wiretapping, the leakage of commercial secrets is only a matter of time. It doesn’t matter if it falls into the hands of special services, competitors or raiders, because the losses from such a “leak” will be much more tangible.

Bezpeka LTD provides full protection against eavesdropping devices in Kyiv. We will conduct a thorough analysis of vulnerabilities and check for the presence of “bugs” in the office, warehouse and commercial premises, financial institutions, offices, company cars and telephone communications. By ordering protection against wiretapping, you minimize the risks of leaking trade secrets. This means that the profitability and safety of the business will increase significantly!

Listening devices: types, properties, dimensions

Modern “bugs” are high-tech dictaphones, cameras, stethoscope and other devices that record audio and video information from rooms, cars and in open areas. It is ineffective to search for a listening device on your own: “bugs” are disguised as small objects, and also have small dimensions, which is why it is not so easy to find them.

All wiretapping devices are divided into five main types:

  • classic “bugs” – used to record audio (conversations) and transmit it over the Internet or radio waves;
  • microcameras – can record video around the clock or on the fact of movement of objects in front of them;
  • dictaphones – used to record personal conversations directly from the interlocutor;
  • passive (stethoscope) devices – read information from secondary sources: glass, frames, thin walls;
  • “bugs” in communications – used to capture telephone conversations on wired and wireless devices.

By the type of information transmission, wiretapping can work for recording or in live broadcast over the Internet. According to the operating mode, spy devices can record everything that happens around the clock or in activation mode. For example, respond to voice, movement, light on, or a heat map of a room. They are especially dangerous, therefore, the search for listening devices by Bezpeka LTD specialists is carried out in several stages using various techniques.

Some gadgets can work even when the radio “jammer” is on, which is in the offices of large corporations. In addition to radio monitoring, detection of acoustic and video devices, eavesdropping protection includes a thorough search for impulses on all open radio waves. When broadcasting sound and video, spy devices use free frequencies around the city of Kyiv, which are not occupied by taxi services, radio stations, special services and some mobile applications.

While searching for a listening device, we determine the most suitable places for their installation. Spy gadgets are usually supplied with a clip, cramp, sticky tape and other accessories for quick installation, so it is impossible to notice the moment of their installation. The search for wiretapping is carried out by detectors of tracking devices, which detect even microscopic bugs and hidden cameras operating on free radio waves.

Search for listening devices: stages and specifics

Depending on the location of the office, the footage and number of floors, the search for a listening device can take from one to 6-7 hours.

Detection of “bugs” is carried out in six successive stages:

  1. Checking office supplies, desks and computer equipment.
  2. Analysis of radio waves in the room and within a radius of 5-10 meters from it.
  3. Detection of “bugs” using field strength indicator – carried out in the room and in the personal presence of employees who have access to it.
  4. Search and neutralization of hidden cameras installed in interior items, office equipment, tables or chairs.
  5. Use of nonlinear locators and radio monitoring complexes. It allows you to find and neutralize the most expensive and technologically advanced readers used by special services – therefore, specialists should be engaged in protection against wiretapping.
  6. Verification of company personnel, gifts from business partners, souvenirs, analysis and elimination of vulnerabilities in wire lines, sockets and telephone lines.

The search for listening devices includes working with field strength indicators and frequency meters, which allows you to identify even “bugs” in the off or sleep mode. This technique filters out interference and working radio frequencies, which significantly speeds up the search and eliminates the error factor of a specialist from Bezpeka LTD.

Technical component of detection tools

Devices that provide wiretap search (“anti-bugs”) have a compact size, which allows you to neutralize spy gadgets even in hard-to-reach places.

All anti-bugs are divided into five types:

  1. Field strength indicators. Suitable for identifying the simplest “bugs” that can be ordered on the Internet. Indicators are not suitable for serious listening devices.
  2. Detectors of video cameras – work on the principle of electro-optical detection. The diameter of the action is from 5 to 50 meters.
  3. Non-linear locators – this technique allows you to find semiconductor compounds, as well as “bugs” that are turned on only for data transmission over a radio channel. Provide maximum protection against eavesdropping even when the recorder is turned off.
  4. Multifunctional devices – needed to search for spyware in wired lines, sockets and telephone communications.
  5. Radio monitoring equipment – the most expensive, but also effective protection against wiretapping, which monitors the radio broadcast and identifies radio microphones with a complex scheme of work.

Field strength indicators are the most common and simple devices that serve to neutralize “bugs” in the switched-on mode. This equipment gives a signal when an active gadget is detected within a radius of 3-5 meters, and if it is attached to a person, it silently blinks red light.

The search for a listening device in a car or private apartment is carried out using camera detectors and field indicators. Most often, primitive “bugs” or micro cameras are attached to these objects, because it is almost impossible to install anything in the wiring.

Searching for wiretapping, we use the latest equipment: multifunctional devices, complexes and nonlinear locators. This provides 100% protection from tracking devices, which means that nothing threatens the confidentiality of your conversations and personal conversations!

Do you need to check your office, industrial premises, car or apartment for listening devices? Entrust the search for listening devices and the protection of personal conversations to Bezpeka LTD! We operate in Kyiv and visit the customer’s site, check and eliminate wiretapping in residential buildings, office centers and other facilities!

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