Protection of computer networks

The state of complete security of corporate data which ensures their confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and accessibility for authorized users. This is achieved by means of a set of organizational and technical measures identified during the analysis of the network.

  • Development of rules for data processing:

    searching of data processing secure algorithm, its storage, copying and deletion.
  • Hardware and software for access control:

    the introduction of covert means that can provide high-quality monitoring of information leakage.
  • Antivirus protection:

    implementation of antivirus software, firewalling to ensure the information integrity.
  • Physical network security:

    protection against unauthorized access, disruption to power supplies, electromagnetic emanation and the like.
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Protection of computer networks
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

We will conduct a professional valuation of the existing computer network, find out the vulnerabilities and design a truly reliable IT infrastructure that guarantees one hundred percent system security from possible threats. Thanks to Bezpeka LTD your information will remain only yours!

Maximum efficiency!
  • High network stability

    Creation of backup copies, information systems recovery after disaster.

  • Complex approach to security

    Prevention of information leakage or theft.

  • Information access control

    Introduction of limited access to various types of documents.

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By 2022, there are no enterprises left in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine that work 100% offline without using the Internet. It is profitable and convenient to maintain electronic document management, and you can get or copy the files you need in just a couple of seconds. However, serious protection is needed here – and it will be best provided by Bezpeka LTD!

Bypassing the weak protection of computer networks using software tools and pirated software, attackers are able to steal passwords, service files, seize access to computers or an entire work network. At the best, the information can be restored by contacting specialists; at the worst, the work of the company will be completely paralyzed, and subsequent losses will amount to several thousand dollars. The protection of computer networks will help to solve the situation.

These are software and hardware measures necessary for the safe work of employees on the Web, storage of documents, trade secrets – as a result, the existence of the company as a whole. Bookkeeping and expense accounting, transactions and documentation – all this is usually stored on servers, computers and laptops, hard drives and other storage devices. Naturally, the protection of computer networks should be done by professionals, because the security of the entire company as a whole is at stake!

Information protection and neutralization of network threats

Most often, the company’s computers are united into one network, which allows you to quickly exchange files without using servers on the global network. A computer network is two or more PCs, servers or routers connected into one system to exchange, store, copy or modify data.

Computer network protection implies neutralization of all external and internal threats, realizing three main goals:

  1. Prevention of attempts to substitute, distort or change service information on the network.
  2. Guarantee of confidentiality and integrity of local network data.
  3. Availability of data, regulation of employee access levels to service information.

The first point means 100% protection of the contents of files in case of intrusion of intruders into the operating system, local network, or in case of successful infection of computers with virus software. Differentiation of access to files will protect the computer network of the enterprise from the actions of unreliable employees. For example, an employee can send valuable data by mail, messenger via operation PC.

Confidential data of a company is all files constituting a trade secret. They are stored on solid-state drive (hard drives) or remote servers, access of ordinary employees to them is closed due to lack of need. According to statistics, cybercriminals most often steal exactly them, reselling them to competitors, distorting or deleting the contents of the captured files.

These include valuable information:

  • personal data (full name, date of birth, work experience, etc.) of the company’s employees;
  • logins and passwords for access to local network resources;
  • internal company documentation in text or multimedia formats;
  • accounting reports;
  • work correspondence, their recording (screenshots, screen recordings);
  • stills of photo and video filming, for example, working presentations;
  • other files of material or service value.

Protection of computer networks: stages and technical means

Launching and filling the local network of an enterprise with files is only a third of the final volume of work. The subsequent steps consist of setting up the network configuration with the subsequent analysis of external and internal risks, their elimination and remote administration of the network operation in the future.

The software security of a corporate network consists of six key factors:

  1. Grained or determinate access to all network resources, analysis of used IP addresses, ports, geolocations of entry, gadgets and types of applications.
  2. Protection of leakage of critical data through unprotected channels.
  3. Centralized control and consistent management of security controls.
  4. Neutralization of attacks “denial of service”, “zero day” and complex threats.
  5. Retrospective analysis and study of possible risk channels.
  6. Anti-virus protection of information and anti-spam of the company’s mail correspondence.


A firewall is a set of hardware and software that controls and filters network traffic in a fully automatic mode. Unauthorized transmission (outgoing traffic) is cut off by the firewall, so the protection of computer networks begins with its installation and configuration. It provides secure access for employees to the Internet and internal resources of the enterprise, restricts or completely blocks unwanted activity.

Programs for the differentiation of access rights guarantee the protection of data from viewing, copying and distribution by the company’s employees. The files and data necessary for work are saved, the employee simply does not see the rest of the information, but to get remote access or somehow bypass such computer protection network is impossible.

Deletion of residual or work information is carried out completely automatically upon completion of work, for example, the end of a shift, a work day or the project as a whole. Data encryption, restriction of access to certain sites, or a “white list” of Internet resources for access are measures that eliminate the risk of data leakage from within the working staff.

There are other risks that are not associated with industrial espionage or external cyber-attacks. For example, a banal power failure, harmful electromagnetic radiation of other devices near the server, physical damage to equipment. Having created and configured the protection of the computer network, the specialists of Bezpeka LTD will conduct a mandatory briefing of the company’s personnel on the correct and safe operation of equipment and on the Internet. This approach minimizes absolutely all risks – from planned cyber-attacks to the loss of important files and damage to equipment due to human error!

Reliable protection of computer networks with round-the-clock support!

Do you want to secure the local area network of your enterprise, set access rights for employees, protect work data from being “leaked” to intruders? So that the protection of your computer network could repel any threats? This work must be flawless, because hackers and competitors do not forgive mistakes!

Protection and subsequent administration of local networks from Bezpeka LTD is carried out in Kyiv or remotely via the Internet. Rapid response to external threats, analysis of employees’ actions during work, round-the-clock technical support – these are measures to ensure the complete security of your business on the Web!

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