Protection of computer networks

The state of complete security of corporate data which ensures their confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and accessibility for authorized users. This is achieved by means of a set of organizational and technical measures identified during the analysis of the network.

  • Development of rules for data processing:

    searching of data processing secure algorithm, its storage, copying and deletion.
  • Hardware and software for access control:

    the introduction of covert means that can provide high-quality monitoring of information leakage.
  • Antivirus protection:

    implementation of antivirus software, firewalling to ensure the information integrity.
  • Physical network security:

    protection against unauthorized access, disruption to power supplies, electromagnetic emanation and the like.
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Protection of computer networks
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

We will conduct a professional valuation of the existing computer network, find out the vulnerabilities and design a truly reliable IT infrastructure that guarantees one hundred percent system security from possible threats. Thanks to Bezpeka LTD your information will remain only yours!

Maximum efficiency!
  • High network stability

    Creation of backup copies, information systems recovery after disaster.

  • Complex approach to security

    Prevention of information leakage or theft.

  • Information access control

    Introduction of limited access to various types of documents.