Comprehensive expertise in object protection

A full check of the object for compliance with information security rules, search for information leakage vulnerabilities and the development of documentation package for the subsequent elimination of the threat.

  • Information security audit:

    one-time or systematic independent assessment of the level of security at the enterprise in order to identify the risk of information loss or leakage.
  • Scaling security expertise:

    checking the level of information security of the entire enterprise or its relevant critical areas.
  • One hundred percent control: :

    checking the security of commercial data, business processes at the enterprise and information systems.
  • Development of individual security project:

    creation of effective action plan to ensure control over the information at the object. Recommendations on introduction of new and improvement of existing mechanisms for ensuring information security.
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Comprehensive expertise in object protection
The cost is calculated individually
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Ensuring information security should be aimed primarily at preventing risks, and not at eliminating their consequences. That is why handling all vulnerabilities and developing a set of actions is the main security task! Our experts will find all the weaknesses and offer the best option to avoid losing information.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Professional approach

    Identification of existing threats and vulnerabilities, issuance of recommendations for their elimination.

  • Quality

    Assessment of compliance of the information system with the existing security standards in the enterprise.

  • Benefit

    Develop project final report and clarify all its clauses.