Commercial objects security

Bezpeka LTD has a great experience in the security of offices, industrial enterprises, construction sites, logistics and shopping centers, restaurants, night clubs, shops, etc. We will find imaginative ways to the security of your object and offer the best option for security arrangements.

  • Control over the object:

    protection of employees, protection of goods and prevention of its theft, visual surveillance over the object, detention of intruders and their transfer to police officers.
  • Advanced equipment:

    installation of an alarm button, video surveillance cameras and night vision devices – sensors of motion, smoke, broken glass, opening doors and windows, fire alarm.
  • Security of large and small areas:

    development of an optimal security system and response devices depending on the area of the object, number of employees, work schedule and other specificities.
  • Departure of the response unit:

    if necessary, reinforcing the object with additional security guards to provide control over the situation.
Service Cost
Commercial objects security
from 400 uah/month
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Console security services of commercial objects from Bezpeka LTD are not only high-quality equipment, no false alarms and prompt reaction to the event, but also full financial responsibility. We will preserve your property by designing a truly efficient barrier in the form of security alarm on a central monitoring unit supplemented with additional devices.

Maximum efficiency!
  • 24-hour security

    Continuous security of shopping malls, food outlets, night clubs, offices and industrial enterprises.

  • Professionalism and aesthetic appearance

    Politeness and clean look of security guards will make a pleasant impression on visitors or buyers of the object.

  • Efficient material and technical base

    Our security guards have all the necessary means for the object security: a convenient uniform, communication tools and personal protective equipment.

Multifunctional shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other commercial objects - all this needs to be professionally secured.

Having a lot of employees, each of whom undergoes regular physical and theoretical tests, constantly improving their professionalism; our agency proposes once and for all to solve the issue of security. We own the latest technical security equipment, which allows us to provide really the best security services in Kyiv and beyond its limits

Bezpeka LTD provides professional commercial objects security!

Proper commercial objects security is a series of mutually influential actions: 

  • installation of classic console security;
  • installation of physical security (wide choice of technical equipment for employees of both armed and unarmed physical security);
  • installation of “alarm button” - the most effective and budget solution to ensure the commercial objects security;
  • installation of the video surveillance system, which is performed by our specialists on a turnkey basis - we undertake all obligations, from the moment of engineering to the final adjustment of the system.

It is possible to combine several ways to ensure the commercial objects security. For example, it is possible to install several “alarm buttons” in a nightclub, because in conditions of large crowds of people, the presence of several physical security officers is not enough.

Commercial facilities object shall be provided by professionals! 

We advise our customers on the selection and planning of the most effective way (or several ways) to ensure order at the commercial object and offer reliable security regardless of the location of objects, their area or specificities.

Our experts have great experience in providing security services for corporate customers, which makes cooperation with us the most beneficial among all offers of security companies in Kyiv. Bezpeka LTD provides reliable security of commercial objects of any type - shops, food outlets, bars, restaurants and many, many other objects. We cooperate with representatives of many banking institutions of Ukraine, ensuring high security and law and order both during the work of banks and during off-hours. Having a large number of agreements with commercial customers, we are proud of our long-term contracts, because it is an indicator of high trust and extreme quality of our services.

Bezpeka LTD is a modern and reliable commercial objects security in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast, and you can provide it for your object!

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