Object security

The main activity of Bezpeka LTD is the security of objects. Employees of the department are carefully selected, undergo a medical examination and a check for the presence of a criminal record, take exams on theoretical training, and undergo an internship. Work on the objects is monitored round-the-clock. The security officers report on all incidents by reports on the basis of which the managers prepare reports if the customer so wishes.

  • Maximum control of the object:

    each object has its own specificities, area and vulnerabilities. The development of an individual security system allows you to determine the optimal security regime and the truly necessary number of employees.
  • Area of responsibility:

    awareness of responsibilities and development of efficient emergency response plan prevents intruders from entering the object and taking illegal actions.
  • Additional security means:

    the personnel involved can be enhanced by additional technical security means, which will prevent the appearance of blind spots.
  • Operational response to the situation:

    security-burglar signalling system, video surveillance sensors, access control and management system minimize the risks of losing control over the object.
Service Cost
Object security
from 60 UAH/hour
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

We fulfill all requirements of the customer, and if necessary develop our options of efficient protection and offer complex security for private, commercial and state objects with patrolling round the territory, use of modern technical equipment and special means. Such approach ensures complete security.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Complex protection

    Engineering and maintenance of already-present security systems – video surveillance, fire safety, console and physical security.

  • Advanced technical equipment

    Providing the object with all necessary security technical means, high-quality software, technological equipment of staff – communication tools and personal protective equipment.

  • Professionalism

    25 years of experience and highly qualified staff allow us to foresee a threat at the object even at the stage of development of the security concept.

Since the founding of the company, the physical security of the objects has become the hallmark of Bezpeka LTD. We enjoy the confidence of leading Ukrainian companies. Employees of the physical security department are carefully selected depending on the requirements of the customer, undergo a medical examination, take exams on theoretical training.

The watchman, security officer, guard, security guard or bodyguard - no matter how the security specialists are called, without their services the work of the enterprise or the safety of wealth can be endangered. Professional security of objects - the main task of our company. Modern technical means, strict selection of employees and the constant improvement of physical and theoretical training of the staff make cooperation with Bezpeka LTD the most favourable. 

You need reliable security of business objects? Do you want to secure your dwelling qualitatively? We will provide complete security of any objects – both residential and commercial! We provide a high level of security for the objects entrusted to us - regardless of their location, area, and other specifics, elevating security to the required level.

Protection of objects of any complexity!

Security of enterprises, residential and commercial objects in Kyiv can consist of several points at once, which will increase the control of law and order at your object. If necessary, we will provide:

  • careful access control of employees;
  • monitoring compliance with the law and order in the territory entrusted to us;
  • control of entry/removal of material values from the territory of the enterprise;
  • patrolling the territory in order to identify violations and eliminate them. 

Security of objects provided by Bezpeka LTD favorably stands out against the similar offers from other security agencies in Kyiv - after all, we have the right to detain offenders even before the arrival of the police squad. Of course, the main task of a security officer is to prevent an offense. However, in practice, there are frequent situations when intruders hid with stolen valuables from the object before the police arrived. And due to the fact that all our employees have the necessary physical and theoretical training for the detention of a criminal, this allows them to provide the most efficient services. After all, precisely this security of objects is necessary!

Bezpeka LTD – the most qualitative security of companies in Kyiv! 

Without any exaggeration: the security of enterprises is the most effective and economical way to protect yourself from possible risks! And although such services are offered by many security agencies of Ukraine, it is not so easy to find truly reliable security officers. Reliable security of objects should include many points: 

  • proper physical and psychological training of employees;
  • availability of all necessary licenses;
  • precise control of service;
  • vocational training and professional development of the employees involved;
  • providing employees with the necessary special equipment (uniforms, equipment and communication means);
  • full responsibility for the behavior, health of employees and the use of regular special equipment by them;
  • operational interaction with law enforcement authorities.

That is why it is impossible to entrust your security in the hands of watchman hired on job advertisement, because they will not be able to respond to danger in the way a trained professional security officer will do! And in this regard, Bezpeka LTD will be the most efficient solution. Depending on the wishes, the security of enterprises in Kyiv can be provided by security officers armed with so called classic set or with the use of special equipment. The arsenal and uniforms of our employees are selected on a case-by-case basis and guarantee maximum efficiency. We care about the observance of full legality of bearing and using special equipment: each of them is registered with the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and allowed to be borne by employees of Bezpeka LTD, and employees themselves undergo regular checks of physical, technical and psychological training, bringing their skills to perfection. Bezpeka LTD is the protection of objects in Kyiv of any complexity! Even now our bodyguards provide security in many enterprises, and such long-term contracts are the main indicator of the high confidence of our customers.

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