GPS monitoring

Bezpeka LTD uses modern GPS monitoring systems that will allow you to monitor the location and condition of vehicles in real time. Vehicle data is transferred directly to the monitoring system. The current location, speed and course of transportation are recorded by the system and operators.

  • 24-hour car supervision:

    control of the movement of cargo, identification of the current location of the car, speed, driving direction.
  • Professional equipment:

    GPS monitoring system which cannot be turned off by the driver or deceived, which allows saving on misuse of fuel, improving the discipline of drivers.
  • From 1 to dozens of cars:

    generation of tracking system which allows controlling each car at once.
  • Supplying an alarm button:

    in the event of an attack or other danger, the driver has the opportunity to call a rapid reaction unit or notify state law enforcement authorities.
Service Cost
GPS monitoring
from 100 uah/month
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

GPS monitoring of vehicles by Bezpeka LTD is able to provide continuous care and notable optimization of your business. You will get full control over the movement of cars: you will know when, where and at what speed your drivers go. You will be able to control the fuel consumption and prevent losses and irrelevant trips. Our GPS monitoring systems cannot be deactivated compulsory and the recorded data cannot be corrected or damaged.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Real-time supervision

    Modern vehicle monitoring system that allows you to track a car at a particular minute of time.

  • Modern GPS monitoring systems

    Vehicle satellite monitoring system that allows you to control the location and condition of corporate transport and cargo transportation.

  • Instant notification

    In case of danger or in case of car theft, its present-position coordinates are accurately determined and law enforcement authorities are informed.

For the first time the world heard about the phrase “GPS monitoring” from the long-distance lorry drivers - the introduction of tracking devices at the turn of the century was a real revolution in the industry. Small devices installed on trucks have become a guarantee of timely and high-quality performance of labor agreements by drivers, once and for all eliminating negligence and the trivial theft of goods, fuel and other valuables.

Installation of monitoring system provides the maximum benefits!

GPS monitoring of vehicles allows the dispatcher to receive operational information

from the car and the driver. The dispatch center receives such information as fuel consumption and its current level, speed, route, time of parking and other indicators.

Developers of modern GPS tracking systems pay great attention to the issues of cargo security. GPS monitoring of vehicle is constantly evolving, and the latest devices even can switch off the engine of tracked vehicle in case of a critical course deviation (The signal of deviation from the previously scheduled route will be the sure signal that the driver is in trouble or is involved in the theft of your cargo).

High fuel economy will also be the undeniable advantage. Drivers earning money on irrelevant trips are not only heroes of car jokes and stories. Unfortunately, in the CIS countries cheeky driver is an absolutely common thing. It runs to the absurd: checks are falsified, the management is informed about traffic jams or other troubles on the road, and company vehicles are used for personal purposes. GPS monitoring of vehicles allows you to say goodbye to dishonest employees once and for all, significantly saving on fuel. Such equipment will be regained in 2 - 3 months of work.

GPS monitoring provided by Bezpeka LTD

GPS monitoring of vehicles is one of the main advantages of our company over the competitors. Depending on your wishes, we will select the necessary technical equipment adapted for installation on the car model specified in the contract. All systems presented on our website are easy to maintain and operate and allow you to get maximum information from each vehicle.

How does the system work? While sending the driver on the trip, the system constantly transmits information to the monitor of the operator. Depending on the signals given, the operator takes various measures to eliminate incidents: a telephone conversation with the driver, notification of the management, law enforcement authorities or direct intervention in the course of the trip.

Bezpeka LTD offers the widest range of various vehicle GPS monitoring systems. Our devices are notable for a high operation life, quality of the transmitted signal and resistance to unauthorized removing, which allows us to provide the best GPS monitoring in Kyiv!

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