GPS monitoring

Bezpeka LTD uses modern GPS monitoring systems that will allow you to monitor the location and condition of vehicles in real time. Vehicle data is transferred directly to the monitoring system. The current location, speed and course of transportation are recorded by the system and operators.

  • 24-hour car supervision:

    control of the movement of cargo, identification of the current location of the car, speed, driving direction.
  • Professional equipment:

    GPS monitoring system which cannot be turned off by the driver or deceived, which allows saving on misuse of fuel, improving the discipline of drivers.
  • From 1 to dozens of cars:

    generation of tracking system which allows controlling each car at once.
  • Supplying an alarm button:

    in the event of an attack or other danger, the driver has the opportunity to call a rapid reaction unit or notify state law enforcement authorities.
Service Cost
GPS monitoring
from 100 uah/month
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

GPS monitoring of vehicles by Bezpeka LTD is able to provide continuous care and notable optimization of your business. You will get full control over the movement of cars: you will know when, where and at what speed your drivers go. You will be able to control the fuel consumption and prevent losses and irrelevant trips. Our GPS monitoring systems cannot be deactivated compulsory and the recorded data cannot be corrected or damaged.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Real-time supervision

    Modern vehicle monitoring system that allows you to track a car at a particular minute of time.

  • Modern GPS monitoring systems

    Vehicle satellite monitoring system that allows you to control the location and condition of corporate transport and cargo transportation.

  • Instant notification

    In case of danger or in case of car theft, its present-position coordinates are accurately determined and law enforcement authorities are informed.

GPS vehicle monitoring is a professional solution for ensuring the safety of cargo during the trip! This is the responsibility of both the driver and the owner of the carrier company. Dozens of risks are possible along the way: unscheduled stops by traffic police officers, attempts to seize goods by trespassers, technical breakdowns and other delays in time and route.

The integrity and timeliness of transportation is guaranteed by constant GPS monitoring of vehicles, because at stake is the safety of the car, driver, goods and the profit of the company as a whole!

Installing a GPS tracker and tracking the route will reduce fuel costs, logistics, and eliminate downtime and unauthorized trips of dishonest drivers. GPS vehicle monitoring is like a reliable navigator that always helps and follows the driver. All this happens without the personal participation of the customer, in 24/7 mode with a quick response from the employees of Bezpeka LTD, who track the movement of one or 30 cars on the way!

GPS tracking: components and purpose

GPS vehicle monitoring consists of two components: tracker and software. A GPS tracker is a small (up to 20x20 cm) sensor that is installed on the outside of the car, inside the car, cabin or body. It continuously transmits location data to a server protected from DDoS attacks and other threats.

The software processes data from the server, converts it into the usual coordinate format and displays it on the PC screen from which GPS monitoring of the vehicle is launched.

In real time, the operator receives detailed data:

  • completed route and average speed of movement;
  • current location of transport with an accuracy of 2–5 meters;
  • the number, duration and nature of stops along the way;
  • fuel consumption, detailed schedule of refueling and draining;
  • online monitoring of indicators of vehicle sensors;
  • deviation from a given route, its duration and mileage.

GPS vehicle monitoring is possible for any duration of the trip. The tracker transmits information to the server wherever there is a connection with the satellite, and when trying to turn off or distort the signal, it gives an instant notification.

The software and tracker are installed in Kyiv, and the monitoring system will work wherever the driver goes. Even on foreign trips, the vehicle tracking error does not exceed a couple of meters – which means that the cargo, driver and transport will always be safe!

GPS vehicle monitoring: installation steps

Depending on the model, body type, presence of a truck and a trailer, the nuances of installing a GPS tracker may differ.

The general connection and configuration diagram consist of five stages:

  1. Selection of the optimal installation method, tracker model and software, drawing up a technical task and a contract.
  2. Installation of equipment (tracker) in the outer part of the body, under the bottom of the car or in another place which is beyond the reach of the driver.
  1. Installation of the “alarm” button, fuel level sensor, GPS antenna, calibration and subsequent verification of the installed equipment.
  2. Installation and configuration of software that provides GPS monitoring of the vehicle in real time.
  3. Final configuration, test and debugging of all tracker functions.

It takes 3-4 hours to properly install GPS tracking tools, fuel and oil sensors, indicators and an alarm button. Customization of specialized software is carried out without the personal participation of the customer. If we are talking about several (from two or more) cars, it is possible for specialists to visit the city of Kyiv, which will save your time and costs.

Technical component of GPS trackers

Inside the tracker there is one or two SIM-cards, which are required for instant transfer of data about the trip to the server. The GPS tracker can be equipped with its own battery that lasts up to 2-3 weeks in autonomous mode, which means it can be tracked even when the engine is off or on-board wiring is faulty.

GPS monitoring of vehicles of commercial companies can be equipped with an accelerometer, Bluetooth function (relevant for trackers of personal and passenger cars), the ability to remotely lock the engine and the option of sending a distress signal to the operator’s console without the participation of the driver.

It is impossible to hack, remove, or distort the readings of the GPS indicator in any way. This guarantees the accuracy of the values of fuel consumption, mileage and stops on the way transmitted to the server. In the event of an attempt to penetrate the tracker firmware or to dismantle it on its own, the equipment will transmit the corresponding signal to the server.

Ignition sensor, insertion of speed sensors, door position, body lift, other digital or analog devices – all this is possible when ordering a GPS-monitoring service for a car in Bezpeka LTD!

GPS vehicle monitoring: commercial and personal vehicles

Most often, the owners of companies that are engaged in the delivery of goods in Ukraine or neighboring countries resort to GPS tracking services. But GPS vehicle monitoring is relevant in other industries as well:

  • private taxi company or intercity transportation;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • personal cars.

For the owner of a taxi company or taxi service, the installation of GPS sensors in Kyiv guarantees the control and conscientious work of the drivers. By installing indicators in agricultural machines, you will put an end to the phenomenon of unauthorized work among employees, excessive consumption of fuel, and the use of equipment for personal purposes. Finally, a GPS sensor in a personal car will work better than any alarm: if thieves have learned to turn off the siren in a couple of seconds, then hacking the GPS sensor is only possible physically, and the equipment will send an instant signal to the server.

GPS monitoring of the car will also be useful for safety purposes if the car is used by other family members, and their personal phone is turned off. In the event of an attempt to steal a car, it will be impossible to turn off the signal transmission from the indicator, which guarantees the capture of the thieves and the return of the car to the owner with 100% probability.

Advantages of installing GPS monitoring by Bezpeka LTD

Installing GPS monitoring of vehicles is the best way to secure vehicles, cargo and other material assets of the company! There are three major benefits for this:

  1. Saving consumables and repair costs. The absence of unauthorized trips, trips for personal purposes and fuel drain will reduce depreciation costs by 30% in the first year of operation.
  2. Driver safety. In conditions of poor communication of mobile operators, sometimes there is no way to call for help or report a forced route change – the “alarm” button of the GPS system comes to the rescue.
  3. Prompt response. GPS monitoring of vehicles in Kyiv is carried out around the clock. If the operator noticed a deviation from the route, a long stop, non-standard indicators of fuel sensors and accelerometer, this is immediately recorded, and measures are taken – from communicating with the driver for explanations to calling the operational group or informing the state security organization.

The installation of the GPS monitoring system of a car is carried out immediately after agreeing on the terms of cooperation. Agreements concluded with Bezpeka LTD provide for financial responsibility, which means that the customer’s money, cars and other valuables will be reliably protected!

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