Public event security

We have experience in providing security for various public events. Bezpeka LTD ensured the security of the Palace of Sport during the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. The security of each public event is carefully planned, taking into account the specifics of the event itself and the specifics of the venue.

  • Security of mass, corporate and private events:

    the safety of guests and participants of concerts, sports events, festivals, events of the town/city and state levels, including those in the open space.
  • External and internal threats:

    preventing the disruption of the event, damage to property, disruptive behavior - including mass.
  • Unauthorized entry:

    Prevention of unauthorized access to the territory of the event.
  • Additional security guards’ functions:

    control of tickets and passes, identification of prohibited and dangerous things, the involvement of various types of detectors, maintaining order at the object and the surrounding area.
Service Cost
Public event security
from 150 UAH/hour
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Having the great experience in the security of cultural and sports events, commercial events, exhibitions, fairs and business conferences, we can provide the highest level of security. We offer additional services, such as escorting important guests, checking invitees, detecting prohibited items, so that the event will take place without any incident.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Individual VIP security

    Escort of invited celebrities and event organizers, ensuring the safety of travel routes, taking into account the location of access roads and parking spaces.

  • Conflict Prevention

    Prevention of conflicts between participants of the event, property damage, destruction of the fences of concert areas, getting on stage, organization of escape routes.

  • Preparation of the venue

    Preliminary inspection of the venue to identify weaknesses, video surveillance arranging, inspection of the territory after the event.

Since the founding of the company, the physical security of the objects has become the hallmark of Bezpeka LTD. We enjoy the confidence of leading Ukrainian companies. Employees of the physical security unit are carefully selected depending on the requirements of the customer, undergo a medical examination, and take exams on theoretical training.

Public events safe security is a pledge of their success, because every spectator who came to such an event wants to immerse himself in his subject matter without thinking about their own security issues. On the contrary, ill fame about a concert, an exhibition or any sporting competition, in which the due security of participants and spectators is not ensured, will spread immediately. What other reputation can have the organizers that cannot establish the order at their event! The answer is obvious.

And therefore, if you plan a concert, you are going to hold an advertising campaign or exhibition, you cannot do without the appropriate security! And we will provide you with maximum assistance in resolving this task, ensuring due order at any crowded event.

Security of public events of any type!

The main task of the security service is to preserve the health and lives of invited guests and organizers. We will provide security at events of various sizes - from law enforcement at small exhibitions to large international meetings:

  • concerts and performances;
  • fairs, sales, product presentations;
  • sports competitions;
  • business meetings, conferences and congresses;
  • social events, banquets and weddings.

Preparation for providing the necessary security begins not only with a forecast of the approximate number of visitors or participants, but also the estimation of all possible risks.

Bezpeka LTD is public events security of high level! 

Our security agency offers to entrust security issues to real professionals in their field. Public events security in Kyiv is one of our priorities, and when fulfilling this we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. The implementation of access control at the event, “cleansing” the territory from unwanted “guests”, controlling movement and preventing penetration into restricted areas, ensuring the safety of property and guests' safety, preventing provocations and maintaining order in the territory under control – the specialists of Bezpeka LTD will cope with any of these tasks with the maximum professionalism!

Starting our work with the analysis of all the features of the upcoming event, we work out all possible risks and exclude any danger.

Bezpeka LTD is the best public events security in Kyiv, as well as high organization and professionalism. We have dozens of successfully held events of various subjects and scale, and most importantly, we have prevented a lot of possible incidents.

We will provide flawless public events security!

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