Protection of information

Protection of operation, commercial and personal information and blocking the channels of its leakage. This is a set of organizational and technical measures for creating secure premises, an explanation of the rules for processing confidential data and the protection of internal communications.

  • Object analysis:

    identification of vulnerabilities that could lead to information leakage (computer network, communication channels, personnel).
  • Development of technical protection complex:

    study of problem points and finding out the optimal means of information protection.
  • Implementation of technical information protection:

    organizational and technical measures for the implementation of appropriate information protection options.
  • Certification of technical information protection:

    verification of the implemented information protection system and the rules for handling them.
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Protection of information
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Information protection requires the use of integrated methods, specialized training and the experience of security personnel in this area. When you apply to the specialists of Bezpeka LTD, you get a guarantee of the confidential data safety, identification of problem areas and help in really secure system adjustment.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Efficiency

    One hundred percent information protection.

  • Complex approach

    Creation of complexes of technical information protection.

  • Technical support

    Modern equipment for vulnerabilities searching.