Protection of information

Protection of operation, commercial and personal information and blocking the channels of its leakage. This is a set of organizational and technical measures for creating secure premises, an explanation of the rules for processing confidential data and the protection of internal communications.

  • Object analysis:

    identification of vulnerabilities that could lead to information leakage (computer network, communication channels, personnel).
  • Development of technical protection complex:

    study of problem points and finding out the optimal means of information protection.
  • Implementation of technical information protection:

    organizational and technical measures for the implementation of appropriate information protection options.
  • Certification of technical information protection:

    verification of the implemented information protection system and the rules for handling them.
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Protection of information
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Information protection requires the use of integrated methods, specialized training and the experience of security personnel in this area. When you apply to the specialists of Bezpeka LTD, you get a guarantee of the confidential data safety, identification of problem areas and help in really secure system adjustment.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Efficiency

    One hundred percent information protection.

  • Complex approach

    Creation of complexes of technical information protection.

  • Technical support

    Modern equipment for vulnerabilities searching.

Frequently asked questions
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The protection of information, corporate and personal data is a must for any enterprise. Service, financial and other work data is usually stored on hard drives, on the Internet, internal networks and paper media. The security of the latter will be ensured by a secure document flow, physical security and a reliable safe, but the IT department of the company’s security service must protect the digital data. If there is no such department in the company, the protection of proprietary information should be entrusted to specialists, since the safety of the business as a whole is on the other the scale pan!

By ordering the protection of commercial information, you will secure information about the finances, turnover, purchases and other monetary transactions of the company. The absence of such leaks minimizes the cost of finding and recovering lost data, eliminates internal investigations and costs for other security tools, which means that the decision to order a service from Bezpeka LTD is profitable and rational!

Information protection and neutralization of network threats

The main threats of corporate information leakage are the influence of unauthorized persons (hacking or breaking) and careless or, conversely, malicious actions of company employees. Protection of proprietary information implies neutralization of such actions. The process is technically complex and resource-intensive, but the most important thing is that it must be carried out in an integrated manner!

The solution to the issue is special activity tracking systems managed by specialists of Bezpeka LTD in Kyiv or remotely.

Constant monitoring and control of network activity allows you to cut off threats even at the stage of their preparation. For example, if an employee tries to copy data from a service storage, server or public folder, send it over the network or record it to a physical medium, the Bezpeka LTD specialist will see these actions, interrupt such activity and immediately report the incident.

External access attempts, or external attacks, reflect the automated means of IDS - Intrusion Detection Systems. They also log (record) the facts of such threats in a protected form. After repelling the attack, the employee responsible for cybersecurity will see the address, time, number of attacks and other data about what happened.

How is enterprise information protected?

To ensure the protection of personal information and enterprise data, you need to create a software and hardware security complex, consisting of installing and configuring firewalls, encrypting data and the network as a whole, differentiating access rights and other measures.

To do this, the employees of Bezpeka LTD perform five successive actions:

  1. Protecting corporate data from attacks. Vulnerable place – “white” IP-addresses, e-mail, logins and passwords of employees. The solution is to install and configure a firewall to repel such threats.
  2. Differentiation of access to corporate information. VPN connection for outside access, use of special software to control the information displayed by employees. Performed remotely or at the customer’s address in Kyiv.
  3. Management and monitoring of the main access channel. The protection of business information and personal data cannot be guaranteed without the use of proxy servers, employee gradation and bandwidth limitations.
  4. Filtering of incoming/outgoing traffic on the Network. Creation of a single common point and its subsequent administration.
  5. Installation of the system of detection and prevention of tracing IPS. Provides convenient data analysis and tracking of employee activities on the Web.

To protect service information after installing and debugging the software, Bezpeka LTD provides training and certification of employees of the enterprise in the rules of working on the Internet. Development and training of employees minimize the risks of data leakage when using TIS (technical information protection) tools.

The result of the work is a completely safe and productive work of the intranet in the city of Kyiv or outside of it. This approach will save the company’s cybersecurity costs!

Other challenges and risks of protecting corporate data

In addition to the security of the corporate network, the protection of enterprise information solves four important tasks:

  1. Protection of internal corporate data from outside attacks.
  2. Protection of personal information of employees of various departments of the company.
  3. Confidentiality of contracts, transactions, payment transactions and supply channels.
  1. Safe business correspondence and mail correspondence of employees and company management.

An integrated approach to data protection guarantees safe work on the Internet in any conditions: remotely or in an office in Kyiv, during financial transactions, negotiations with partners.

In any work team, personnel errors are possible. The human factor, banal forgetfulness or deliberate espionage and “leaking” of data to competitors – all this means serious risks of information disclosure.

Experts identify four most common risk groups:

  1. Industrial espionage, which can be effectively dealt with by constantly administering rights and monitoring the outgoing traffic of employees.
  2. Use of unlicensed or pirated software. Buying corporate versions of office, graphics, engineering applications will cost several hundred dollars, but the risks of working with unlicensed, unstable software are much higher.
  3. Spam mailings disguised as work correspondence. The protection of commercial information should be supplemented by instructing employees, and, if necessary, by prohibiting the use of a PC for personal purposes.
  4. Intentional or accidental damage to computer equipment. Even this factor means the risk of losing service files.
  5. Theft of computers, system units, servers, HDD- or SSD-drives. Physical security of offices from Bezpeka LTD will help prevent this.

To eliminate the likelihood of damage to equipment, the system administrator must regularly check PCs and other office equipment, connect to computers remotely for diagnostics, and employees must be financially responsible for the property and business data of the company. It is also impossible to save on the purchase of licensed programs or to allow employees to use a PC for personal correspondence.

If there is no system administrator in the company, it is possible to remotely administer individual PCs or the entire network of the company as a whole. Such a service is possible when ordering complex information protection from Bezpeka LTD.

Protection of commercial information - profitable and confidential!

Do you want to make the work of the company truly safe and efficient? The protection of personal information, commercial and business data must be dealt with by professionals! Bezpeka LTD offers comprehensive services for the protection of official information of companies of any level and specialization!

Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of vulnerabilities, identify, install and configure technical and software data protection tools. We can also modernize an existing cybersecurity system, conduct an audit of possible threats and risks, train personnel in the basics and standards of security when working on the Internet.

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