Access control systems

The access control system (ACS) records and processes information about each user’s passage through the access restriction element, and also protects the premises from unauthorized break-in. ACS provides an opportunity to control the working hours of each employee of your company. We offer you the latest autonomous, network access control systems.

  • Unwanted access control:

    only those who have the right to access can enter the object. The possibility to organize discretionary access of workers to the protected area, to restrict access at a certain time, etc.
  • Multipurposeness:

    installation of access control systems at private, commercial and public objects of any complexity level (financial institutions, administrative premises, manufacturing enterprises).
  • Ease of integration:

    quick development of autonomous, centralized and multifunctional access control systems without interfering with the operation of the enterprise, workshop or institution.
  • Object security:

    organization of the safe operation of the enterprise and the control of staff movement in order to prevent the leak of unwanted information, keep confidential commercial secrets and material resources.
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Access control systems
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The best way to protect your object against unauthorized break-in! We design an access control and management system that includes individually selected elements, proper integration with the software thanks to which the system is the most efficient and effective. Tagging of employees arrival time, blocking of important zones and protection of property!

Maximum efficiency!
  • Any degree of complexity

    The use of access control systems with magnetic cards, electronic locks, turngates, boom barriers and other mechanisms.

  • Multi-level access

    Development of system with different levels of access to premises and object in order to provide maximum security.

  • Assistance in designing access control systems

    A full range of services related to the selection of efficient configuration, installation and service maintenance.

When speaking about ensuring the necessary security of the enclosed space (office, apartment, warehouse, etc.), we cannot avoid the issues of directly getting inside the object. It is obvious that the majority of thefts, robberies and other crimes are committed just after the intruders have broken in the main entrance.

There are often situations when it is necessary to distinguish between the possibilities of entering different departments of production. In addition, more and more representatives of medium and large businesses in Ukraine use network access control systems as a counter of time spent at the workplace of each of the employees.

Access control systems - versatility and security in one!

Bezpeka LTD offers to significantly increase the security of your premises by installing the latest access control systems. Our experts have the great experience in the engineering and maintenance of such equipment, which allows choosing the best option for each customer. 

We will provide high parameters of control and security regardless of the type, characteristics of your premises and the budget allocated for the installation of the system.

Network Access Control Systems 

Access control systems (hereinafter - ACS) with their installation allow you to solve several issues at once, for example, restricting or prohibiting access of a certain circle of employees to certain sections or premises. Access control systems can also be used as a universal system for monitoring the presence of employees in the territory of the enterprise (for example, using a fingerprint scanner).

Such control systems are those counters that control the presence of employees at workplaces, their work schedule and many other parameters of the fruitfulness of labor. Information from such systems comes to the server, where the report is sorted and formed.

Bezpeka LTD offers fast and high-quality installation of network access control systems in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast. The installed system will become your reliable assistant for many years!

Autonomous access control systems

The second of the main types of access control systems is autonomous systems. In fact, these are such access restrictors in specific premises for a certain group of persons. Home intercom system is the simplest example of an autonomous access control system.

Autonomous systems are the best choice due to the wide choice of necessary equipment, high level of safety and ease of operation. Ordering the installation of the autonomous access control system by our company, you will not only protect the premises from unwanted guests, but also save money thanks to loyal prices for everyone and the high quality of the performed work!

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