Access control systems

The access control system (ACS) records and processes information about each user’s passage through the access restriction element, and also protects the premises from unauthorized break-in. ACS provides an opportunity to control the working hours of each employee of your company. We offer you the latest autonomous, network access control systems.

  • Unwanted access control:

    only those who have the right to access can enter the object. The possibility to organize discretionary access of workers to the protected area, to restrict access at a certain time, etc.
  • Multipurposeness:

    installation of access control systems at private, commercial and public objects of any complexity level (financial institutions, administrative premises, manufacturing enterprises).
  • Ease of integration:

    quick development of autonomous, centralized and multifunctional access control systems without interfering with the operation of the enterprise, workshop or institution.
  • Object security:

    organization of the safe operation of the enterprise and the control of staff movement in order to prevent the leak of unwanted information, keep confidential commercial secrets and material resources.
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Access control systems
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The best way to protect your object against unauthorized break-in! We design an access control and management system that includes individually selected elements, proper integration with the software thanks to which the system is the most efficient and effective. Tagging of employees arrival time, blocking of important zones and protection of property!

Maximum efficiency!
  • Any degree of complexity

    The use of access control systems with magnetic cards, electronic locks, turngates, boom barriers and other mechanisms.

  • Multi-level access

    Development of system with different levels of access to premises and object in order to provide maximum security.

  • Assistance in designing access control systems

    A full range of services related to the selection of efficient configuration, installation and service maintenance.

An access control system is an effective tool capable of ensuring security at any facility! The ACS will help control the employees’ work and will not allow third parties to get into the protected area.

ACS integrates with other security systems and accounting software. So you can not only block and open entrances and exits, but also identify visitors, accurately calculate wages and record the time spent by employees on work and breaks.

The access control system reduces security costs, because most of the processes are automated! It can be autonomous and networked, so it is suitable for both large enterprises and small companies and offices.

What does the access control system consist of?

Modern access control systems can include various types of equipment, which allows you to select the necessary functionality for each specific case.

Barriers – barrier gates, turnstiles, doors with coded and electromagnetic locks, card readers and other devices for personal identification.

Identifiers - cards, key fobs, Touch-Memory keys that allow you to identify a person, as well as biometric data.

Controllers - analyze the information received from the identifier and allow or deny access to the object.

Local or network software – designed to manage an autonomous access control system in small businesses. Large organizations use networking software that significantly expands the capabilities of controllers.

How to choose an ACS

There are several of the most common access control systems – standalone and networked. Each of them has its own characteristics and is used in different cases.

  • Autonomous access control systems are the simplest systems that are considered an alternative to door locks and do not require a computer connection. In such a system, access card codes are programmed: if the card and the programmed code match, the doors are opened.
  • Networked access control systems – connected to a computer and controlled remotely. They can open access at a certain time and control the work schedule of employees, keep a log of late arrivals, the number and time of breaks. Also, networked access control systems can integrate with fire systems and video surveillance – block or, conversely, unlock all doors in case of an emergency.

Access control system by Bezpeka LTD

Additionally, a third group can be distinguished – biometric access control systems. They aim to create a unique access code for each employee and can be both offline and networked. Using such a network access control system, you can create an insurmountable barrier for criminals, secure the territory or its individual zones and premises. Biometric data of users (photo, iris image, voice recording, etc.) are entered into the program, which are subsequently used for identification.

Autonomous access control systems are best for offices, shops and business centers. This system is easy to operate and has all the necessary equipment to create a reliable security system. In the case when you need to organize access control and analyze the movement of employees, it is worth using network access control systems.

Integration with other security systems

ACS can be easily integrated with other security systems, for example, with a fire system and video surveillance. Special modules are used for integration, each of which controls the work in its own area. Communication between the access control system and other security devices takes place through the software core.

  • Security and fire system – in the event of a fire, the ACS turns off all turnstiles and barriers, unlocks the locks, notifies employees of the incident and invites them to leave the building.
  • Video surveillance – this integration allows you to quickly detect an intruder and block all entrances/exits along the way, detaining him even before the police arrive.

ACS adapts to any type of protected object and can be expanded with additional modules – by connecting an access control system to existing devices, you can create a truly effective security system!

Popular manufacturers

We use equipment from trusted manufacturers:

HID Global is a recognized leader in the global marketplace. Equipment for access control systems produced by this manufacturer has been installed at more than 2 billion objects.

ControlGate – creates software for access control systems that interacts with any operating system.

IronLogic is a reliable manufacturer of controllers and software for access control systems.

Suprema – creates modern and ergonomic equipment for access control systems and entered the TOP-50 companies in the field of security.

ZKTeco is a developer of biometric identification devices.

In many regards, the performance of the system depends on the choice of equipment, and therefore it is important to pick devices that have proven themselves well, are known on the international market and have passed all the necessary quality checks.

How is installation and connection carried out

Access control system installation by Bezpeka LTD

We visit the site, analyze it and select the most suitable equipment. When developing a project, we determine the ideal locations for equipment, zones and levels, carry out installation and commissioning works, set up stand-alone and networked access control systems so that it is really convenient to work with them.

We install an electromagnetic lock and a reader on the door, which will read information from the card and open access. We attach a special sensor “reed switch” so that the system understands whether the door has been opened. These devices are connected to the access controller. If the system is autonomous, these devices are sufficient, and in the case of a network system, the controller must be connected to a computer.

At the entrance to large organizations, we install turnstiles, which are also connected to the ACS. A reader and a turnstile control panel are built in on the turnstile. These devices are connected to the controller and the computer.

Networked access control systems can be integrated with video surveillance and accounting software – this allows you to combine all systems in one convenient interface and manage them.

Why you should choose Bezpeka-LTD

The main thing in creating an effective security system is an integrated approach that takes into account all the features of the facility and solves all the tasks. That is why it is the best to entrust this task to Bezpeka-LTD!

We have been installing security systems for several years and we know which solutions will work and which ones will not, and therefore our access control systems are reliable, durable and work without failures.

We handle the turnkey installation process – from equipment selection to system setup. After all, it is easy to install the equipment, but it is much more difficult to correctly adjust all the components, to configure the devices so that they react to a hacking attempt. We use all the necessary methods and technologies to identify hidden flaws in the system and eliminate them even at the installation stage. We connect the software and check the operation of the locks in order to fix the correct signal supply, blocking of inputs and outputs when trying to burglary.

With our access control systems, the facility will be under complete control! We carefully check the operation of the entire system to exclude data corruption and failures. Thanks to the latest technologies and experienced craftsmen, we can guarantee that your facility will be under reliable protection!

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