Fire Security

Reliable fire protection system designing that takes into account all the features of the object means not only compliance with state requirements, but also the timely detection of fires, the conservation of lives and, just as important, the minimization of possible losses due to the damage to property or the building itself.

Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Bezpeka LTD means highly qualified specialists who will determine the most efficient fire protection systems proper for your facility. We will provide all the necessary information about possible fire security systems, properly assemble the selected option and adjust it to prevent false alarms.

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Security and fire alarm is a set of technical means that ensure fire safety at the facility. Its main task is to detect smoke or fire in time and notify people about it.

Such a system consists of two modules – a fire alarm and a warning system. Its installation will allow localizing the fire and taking measures to eliminate it, or, at least, will give the necessary time to leave the premises and save valuable property.

Security and fire alarm installation

Security and fire alarms are installed wherever there can be a fire and there is a danger to human life: shopping and business centers, cafes, restaurants, gyms, schools and other social institutions. Even in private houses and high-rise buildings, it is important to comply with fire safety standards.

Installation is carried out in all rooms, except for showers, toilets and stairwells. It is also important to understand here that the alarm itself will not save you from fire, but will provide enough time to leave the room in time.

Types of fire protection

There are two main types of fire safety:

Autonomous is the simplest and most popular. In the event of a fire, sensors are triggered, after which a light or sound notification is made.

Console – transmits a danger signal to the central security console, which can be located both within the building and on the territory of the security company. The operator analyzes the data and decides to call the fire team. In addition, the danger signal can be sent to other connected devices (for example, the phone of the employee responsible for fire safety or the owner of the company).

According to the method of determining the threat, the fire alarm can be of the following types:

  • analogue – standard sensors are connected to the control panel, which display the loop number;
  • addressable – the signal from the detector goes to the control panel, which makes it possible to determine in which room the fire started;
  • analogue addressable – information about the fire is sent to the main control panel and analyzed by the processor. The software package decides whether to send a fire signal or not;
  • modular threshold – has a high accuracy of operation and reacts to overcoming a certain temperature threshold.

Choosing a fire alarm in Kyiv should be for a specific object. Various office, warehouse, logistics and other buildings require a certain security system that can identify a dangerous situation and take the necessary measures to minimize the consequences.

The security and fire alarm system can consist of several modules:

  • receiving and control equipment that controls the entire system and transmits a signal to the operator;
  • alarm annunciators: light signaling, sirens;
  • temperature, smoke, ultrasonic and combined sensors;
  • indicator panels displaying the state of the system;
  • loop between sensors and detectors.

Different situations require different modules – this allows you to solve the necessary tasks.

Sensors indicate the location of the fire, and alarm sirens signal indicates that it is necessary to leave the room. The control equipment receives signals and processes information, and if this system is connected to the ACS, it is possible to control all entrances and exits and not block people in a burning building.

Also, a fire alarm in Kyiv can be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing and smoke removal system. The program can turn off the power supply system, thereby preventing large losses.

Peculiarities of installation and configuration of fire alarm system

Fire alarms are an important part of the security system in an enterprise. Every decision here should be as professional as possible!

We carefully study the features of the facility and carry out all the necessary measurements in order to install the fire alarm system and provide its proper operation. We develop a project taking into account the wishes of the customer. We create a technical assignment and make an estimate, where all the costs of materials and services are indicated. We put markings on the places where the sensors will be fixed and analyze again, achieving perfect result.

Each project is unique. We determine what tasks fire safety should solve, how many sensors and sirens and what type should be installed – their number depends on the area of the premises. You need to do everything properly, because it affects how quickly the fire is detected. For example, on an area of 80 m2, at least two temperature sensors must be installed. They should not be located close to the ceiling – a small gap should be left. The area that the sensor can monitor in an empty room depends on the height of the ceiling.

Fire security installation

The sensors are connected in a loop, and the resistor is built in the last device in the chain. The distance between the sensors should be about 9 meters, and from the wall – at least 4.5 meters. If you do not adhere to this rule, false operation can occur.

After installing the sensors, we connect them to the power source and check system performance. A simple way to check how fire safety works in Kyiv is to bring alight match to the detector. If the indicator on the dispatching console has worked, you don’t have to worry: everything works as it should.

Popular manufacturers

To make fire safety effective, we pick equipment from the best manufacturers:

Simplex is an American company, a leader in the production of high-tech devices for security systems: sensors, control panels and detectors. The company develops software that allows you to control the entire system.

ESMI is the European market leader in the production of fire detectors, alarm panels and software. Devices of this brand are installed in thousands of homes and commercial premises around the world.

Siemens is a German manufacturer of fire alarm equipment that meets all European standards. The devices are easy to install and easy to use.

Satel is a Polish company that manufactures control panels, sirens, signaling devices and power supplies. The latest software ensures high efficiency of the system. Satel equipment is supplied to 60 countries of the world.

System Sensor – creates innovative equipment for fire safety systems. The devices take into account all the features of the object. Every fourth annunciator in the world is produced by System Sensor.

Fire safety can include devices from different manufacturers – the main thing is to choose everything correctly. Advanced technologies allow you to create the most efficient systems and solve problems of any complexity!

Why exactly Bezpeka-LTD

When preparing a project, we pick the devices that are best suited for the object. That is why it is really profitable to work with us! Extensive experience, the use of advanced equipment and the implementation of innovative solutions allow us to install the most effective security systems. You don’t need to be afraid of anything with such fire alarm system!

If you choose to cooperate with Bezpeka-LTD, you will get maximum benefits:

  • professional advice in the selection of fire safety systems;
  • analysis of the facility to develop an effective security system;
  • installation and turnkey configuration;
  • warranty and post-warranty service – we fix any system problems.

We always work on a project, and therefore we know when which equipment will work best and which solutions will not work. For 25 years we have been dealing with fire safety, developing projects, installing and configuring fire system equipment, and therefore we guarantee that everything will work as it should!

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