Fire Security

Reliable fire protection system designing that takes into account all the features of the object means not only compliance with state requirements, but also the timely detection of fires, the conservation of lives and, just as important, the minimization of possible losses due to the damage to property or the building itself.

Why Bezpeka LTD?

Bezpeka LTD means highly qualified specialists who will determine the most efficient fire protection systems proper for your facility. We will provide all the necessary information about possible fire security systems, properly assemble the selected option and adjust it to prevent false alarms.

Among our clients

Fire security is the most important aspect in every modern building or premises. And, when engineering any facilities - from small pavilions to skyscrapers, engineers are obliged to consider the necessary measures to protect them from fire - to install modern fire alarms, to ensure proper location of fire extinguishers, to create evacuation schemes and much, much more. “Prevention is better than cure” - popular wisdom says, and looking through the regular media reports about the fires that cause deaths, it is difficult to contradict. Therefore, fire security is a thing that should be taken care of in advance, and the best solution will be to attract professionals.

Maximum fire security provided by Bezpeka LTD!

Do you need a fire alarm in Kyiv? Our company has the all-new specialized equipment and advanced systems of console fire alarms. Fire security in Kyiv at the objects entrusted to us is

achieved thanks to the optimal combination of technical innovations and the experience of our employees. And if you need effective protection, designed for a specific object, we will provide it for you! We install complex systems, the functioning of which is aimed at fire security of high level. All necessary work is carried out in compliance with building regulations and in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. The alarm system in Kyiv is installed as soon as possible, and after performing all the work, each system receives an expert assessment by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Console fire security

Many of our customers prefer installation of console fire security system due to its unique ability to alert people in the building about a state of emergency. For example, in the event of a fire in an office in which such a system is installed, all employees receive timely signals about fire, which will allow for timely evacuation, securing them from possible consequences. After the alarm system has been triggered, the signal about the incident transmits to the specialized services (the State Emergency Service) control panels, which allows for the timely elimination of the fire, because the faster the fire is localized, the less damage it will cause. And the console security and fire alarm by Bezpeka LTD is a guarantee that the scope of possible damage will be reduced to a minimum! 

Autonomous fire security is very popular way in Ukraine to secure oneself and the property from the destructive action of fire. It guarantees around-the-clock fire security and, due to its ease of use, this is the most popular way. Such systems are installed based on the characteristics of the premises in which the installation is planned. During the fires, smoke, and any other signs of fire, loud sound signals are heard throughout the object. This method of notification allows employees and other persons who are in the building at the time of the alarm, to quickly leave the building, protecting themselves from the possible consequences of a fire. Therewith, autonomous fire security is the most economical and effective type of fire alarm. The quality of our services is confirmed by many years of cooperation and extremely positive feedback from our customers.

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