Information security

The state of the information system in which it is protected from outside interference, data theft or alteration and damage. Data security means risk control which is associated with exposure to physical, hardware and software security modules and the disclosure of confidential information.

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Leak of unwanted information can lead to serious problems – both for the company and for the individual. Information security from Bezpeka LTD can improve business confidentiality and protect business contacts from troubles.

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Business information security is no less important than reliable security, a good safe and the ability to call rapid response teams!

You can secure paper workflow, build security around the perimeter and inside the building, but if there is no protection against wiretapping, and the corporate network and servers work without administration, theft of service data will only be a matter of time. Information security should be dealt with immediately after starting a business, and it is important that it be professional!

Business information security service provided by Bezpeka LTD is a system of hardware and software measures that will ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of your business. Comprehensive information security guarantees its availability and safety under any circumstances: cyberattacks, industrial espionage, sudden visits by inspection authorities. Even with a hardware failure or a banal power outage in Kyiv, all files and servers will be in order, which means that nothing threatens the business as a whole!

Business information security components

By definition, information security is a set of measures aimed at protecting a business system from third-party interference, theft, modification or deletion of data.

This includes three critical elements:

  1. Protection from eavesdropping and other spy devices.
  2. Security of computer networks (one or several at once) used in the enterprise.
  3. Protection of information: files, folders, servers, data in electronic form necessary for the existence and normal functioning of the company.

Business information security

The search and neutralization of wiretapping guarantees the safety of official negotiations in the office in Kyiv or by phone. Protecting enterprise information means the safety of all work files, accounting, developments, patents and development plans. The security of computer networks is a modern necessity, because more than 90% of doing business is now carried out via the Internet and internal networks of companies.

Information security: stages of creation and further support

The first and most important step towards complete information security is a comprehensive examination of the object. Employees of Bezpeka LTD will conduct a full check of the facility for the compliance with information security rules, discover weaknesses in cyber protection and possible leakage channels of valuable data.

To protect a business, four mandatory procedures are followed:

  • Information security audit. An independent assessment of protection measures is carried out, the risks of data loss or data leakage are calculated.
  • Scaling of expertise. After a general audit, you should deal with the information security of each separate departments of the company. For example, accounting, HR, or the IT sector.
  • Development and implementation of an individual project. It can provide for comprehensive information protection “from scratch” or modernization of the existing system with the elimination of shortcomings and errors.
  • Control of all enterprise systems: storage, processing and exchange of commercial data, the correctness of business processes, the correct functioning of antiviruses, firewall, VPN, Proxy and other software tools.

Having created flawless information security, we provide further support and administration. These services are performed remotely, with a quick response and logging (fixing) of all attempts to hack or unauthorized distribution of service files.

Protection from eavesdropping equipment

Spy gadgets, or bugs, are small sound recording devices used to illegally collect and remove audio information. Such devices can be installed in offices, company cars, commercial premises, conference rooms in Kyiv, or embedded in existing wiring and telecommunications.

After collecting the audio sequence (for example, a conversation with a business partner, a meeting or planning further work plans), the gadget transmits the information to the server using a GSM or radio connection for data exchange.

They fall into four main categories:

  1. Classic “bugs” for recording audio (conversations) and transmitting them over the Internet or radio waves.
  2. Video cameras that record what is happening around the clock or on the fact of activity (movement or changes in the heat map) in front of them.
  3. Passive gadgets such as stethoscope bugs. They read information on the vibration of glass or thin walls, and can work remotely over long distances.
  4. Dictaphones and bugs on telephone or other communication lines.

It is impossible to implement comprehensive protection of enterprise information without the obligatory search and neutralization of “bugs”. They can get to the object as a result of intruders entering, be quietly planted or embedded in gifts, souvenirs or other products.

If a spy gadget is not detected in time, further protection of enterprise information is simply pointless. That is why it is better to entrust this task to the professionals of Bezpeka LTD!

Network security and information protection

It is these cybersecurity measures that make the protection of a company’s information complex and invulnerable.

There are four main factors in defining the security of networks and digital information:

  1. Security of internal (corporate) service data from external attacks. For example, attacks on a server to disable the system, steal or change key files.
  2. Confidentiality of transactions, contracts, accounting, their sending and receiving in electronic form.
  3. Information security of personal data of personnel: employees, managers, suppliers and other accountable persons.
  4. Security of business correspondence, incoming and outgoing electronic correspondence.

To ensure the protection of networks and information in them, software and hardware tools are used, created specifically for corporations and firms of various sizes – from small (3-5 employees) to large (150 or more employees). Experts conduct training and consultations for personnel regarding safe work on the Internet and the rules for handling corporate data.

Firewalls, antiviruses, differentiation of access rights and other software solutions – each case is individual and depends on the specifics of the business, therefore it is impossible to create and ensure information security on your own, and the decision to refer to professionals will be the only correct one!

Information security is the guarantee of the inviolability of the company!

Do you need comprehensive protection for your information, networks, files and other data? Bezpeka LTD in Kyiv offers a solution for all business representatives – from small firms to large companies and corporations!

In addition to planning, auditing and implementing cyber protection, we can check offices and other premises for wiretapping, industrial espionage, secure the work of employees on the Web and train personnel in methods of effective protection against security threats!

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