Engineering of fire protection systems

Bezpeka LTD engineers will develop an individual project of the fire protection system. Installers perform high-quality assembly of the system according to the state building regulation of Ukraine.

  • Designing the system on a turnkey basis:

    analysis of an object, examination of peculiarities of the premises and building, general description of the system and its components, development of technical documentation and reasoning for choosing equipment.
  • Individual approach:

    a fire protection system is developed individually for each customer, taking into account all the peculiarities of the object, customer wishes and accepted standards.
  • Control of implementation:

    carrying out designer supervision of compliance with the requirements of the working projects of our development when implemented by the outside experts, verification and connection.
  • Multipurposeness:

    designing alarm and fire extinguishing systems for objects of any purpose - industrial and production, private and commercial.
Service Cost
Engineering of fire protection systems
from 3000 uah
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Bezpeka LTD specialists will choose the most appropriate set and functional characteristics of the system to achieve 100% security on the object! We design individual projects to make the system work as it should and can be scaled to the apartment, multi-storey building or production space.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Using advanced technologies

    Development of effective fire protection system

  • Maximum security

    Compliance with state standards, technical regulatory documents and building regulations.

  • Comprehensive approach

    Consultation on fire safety, object analysis, project development.

Engineering of fire protection systems is the first and most important stage of complex measures that are carried out to ensure maximum security against the damaging effects of fire. A well-engineered fire alarm system will make it possible to secure the premises as well as possible with a minimum of effort and financial costs.

Entrust the engineering of fire security systems to professionals!

Bezpeka LTD security agency makes professional engineering of fire security systems, developing the most appropriate 

schemes for installing a fire alarm system, based on the characteristics of the premises, the location of the rooms and the number of people in them. Regardless of the type of object, we will engineer the most effective fire security system, summarize the estimated costs and provide the necessary documents for the installation of the selected alarm system. "Bezpeka LTD" is any complexity of design:

  • autonomous fire security systems;
  • console fire alarm systems.

Engineering of fire protection systems is the most important stage of comprehensive fire prevention measures, and we perform them with the highest level of quality! Depending on the wishes of the customer, specificities of the architecture of objects and other factors, we select the scheme for the most efficient location of smoke and fire sensors, and in addition we offer installation of autonomous fire security system, the benefits of which have long been appreciated by many of our customers. It logical to use the console alarm system in cases with a large number of premises and objects with a significant crowd of people.

Bezpeka LTD provides the highest level of security!

We carry out the engineering of fire security systems of any objects - shops, banking institutions, shopping centers, exhibition halls, cafes, restaurants and other objects, which may simultaneously have several dozen or even hundreds of people. Each of these systems is connected to our console, which promptly transmits signals to the console of the State Emergency Service. An increasing number of customers from Kyiv and Kyiv oblast entrust the engineering of fire security systems to Bezpeka LTD, because we carry out the tasks as qualitatively and promptly as possible, eliminating all risks. Bezpeka LTD provides the engineering of any fire security systems that react to the danger in time and prevent it.

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