Houses and apartments security

Experts of Bezpeka LTD will carefully study the specificities of the object. After analyzing the location, taking into account all possible risks, our experts will quickly select the best security option for you. You will be offered sensors of a different mode of operation and other means of technical security.

  • Certified equipment:

    a reliable way to protect your house or apartment from the penetration of unauthorized persons, sound and secret alarms, the possibility of autonomous operation of devices when the power is disconnected.
  • Security on turnkey basis:

    consultation on the choice of equipment which is the best suited for the requirements of the object, project development and installation of selected security systems, service maintenance of already installed system.
  • Individual approach:

    development of a security system that fully conforms to specifications of the object, implementation of additional self-contained units and notification channels.
  • 24-hour monitoring:

    our operators are on duty at the console 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without a break and days off and in case of an alarm signal, they immediately send a rapid action team to the object.
Service Cost
Houses and apartments security
from 300 uah/month
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

We offer the most efficient solutions with optimal increase of the security level thanks to which you will be provided with reliable protection against intruders or unexpected events while you are absent. Unnoticed alarm system, reliable smoke and flood sensors, high quality communication – all this is security from Bezpeka LTD!

Maximum efficiency!
  • High level of technical support

    Modern sensor units which are practically invisible to crime figures; an autonomous console and server where all the necessary information is stored.

  • Speed of response

    Immediate response to a dangerous situation - the crew of security guards arrives at the object in 1-7 minutes.

  • Complex protection

    Designing a network that combines fire and burglar alarms, as well as flooding and smoke sensors.

No matter how important safety factors are when traveling, transporting goods or holding public events, the safety of the home and the health of loved ones is the number one priority for everyone, and the security agency Bezpeka LTD will provide it in the best possible way!

We offer to minimize the risks associated with possible actions of intruders, preventing them from breaking in a house, country cottage or apartment when you are absent, and in the event of housebreaking to ensure prompt response to an emergency situation. Install an alarm, provide video surveillance, attract professionals - and any offender will have no chance to enter your home!

Bezpeka LTD - professional apartments and houses security in Kyiv!

The arsenal of various means and technologies to ensure maximum protection of housing is constantly expanding, and in this aspect, Bezpeka LTD moves with the times. Installation of special console security will be the technically effective and economical method, since the alarm perhaps is the most effective and efficient way to protect your property. Strengthened by physical security, it will not give a chance to attackers!

The first and most important decision should be the possibility of around-the-clock security monitoring on a trusted territory - this will be ensured by our technical means - sensors that will not weaken their control for a moment:

  • motion sensors;
  • window break sensors and gas leak alarm;
  • sensors for opening a window or door;
  • sensors for flooding and smoke.


Unlike with physical security, the human factor is completely absent here - having noticed the offender or having determined the dangerous situation, the system does not take any independent actions, only automatically sending a signal to the Centralized Security Point (CSP). Employees of our company will receive an alarm signal, immediately sending a mobile physical protection unit to the object or taking other pre-agreed actions that are most suitable for each of the tripping events. 

Professional apartments security in Kyiv. Maximum security at minimum cost!


 The apartment security is financially affordable and will suit anyone who seeks to secure their home. Our consultants will help you to choose the best option, based on the wishes, budget, possible risks and other factors.

House security or apartment security can be supplemented by the installation of the so-called “alarm button” - a special tool that allows you to instantly call the task force on the object. Such a button is necessary when robbers and other “unwanted guests” visit your home.

Houses security in Kyiv and beyond!

Are you the owner of a private house and planning to install automated security systems? Bezpeka LTD is the best solution! We will implement your ideas as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible!

For more than twenty years of work, many residents of the capital have become our customers, and such a large number of long-term contracts only confirm the high trust of our customers. 

Home security is more complex and requires a careful planning process than installing security systems in an apartment complex. The size of the living space here can be completely different. In addition, private households have completely different specifics, and a round-the-clock watch is required not only from inside the house, but also the installation of surveillance systems in the local area and other possible places of danger. However, for all our specialists, home security is a task that is always performed 100% professionally and efficiently!

If you need the apartment security, security of cottage, holiday cottage or a simple country house in which you do not live or rarely appear - we will provide the appropriate level of protection against intruders. Houses security in Kyiv is made with the use of modern equipment that allows the detection of leaks of gas, water and provides additional fire security. Our staff will help to plan the possible installation of an automated security system (both home security and apartment security Kyiv), correctly selecting the most necessary tools and equipment, carry out all the work - from engineering to direct installation of devices at the object, and the warranty period of the systems installed will allow you to forget about security problems for years! 

Cooperating with our company, apartment security in Kyiv will be invisible for prying eyes, at the same time it will become a reliable “shield” of your house. That is why Bezpeka LTD is the best option, and you will be satisfied with the quality of our services while cooperating with us.

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