Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance is an effective means of preventing the actions of intruders; it allows you to monitor and record what is happening on the object. Our experts will offer you the best solutions for the organization of video surveillance systems regardless of whether it is residential premises, office or industrial object.

  • Integration flexibility:

    both as individual equipment and as part of security systems of different levels of complexity that allows you to build a monitoring system of the relevant configuration.
  • Internal and external controls:

      use of video cameras in private areas, parking lots, industrial facilities, warehouses, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.
  • Real-time surveillance and recording:

    Continuous monitoring of protected areas with the possibility of delayed analysis of the event at a convenient time.
  • Service maintenance:

    repairing breakdowns, upgrading existing video monitoring systems, updating software to achieve maximum efficiency.
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Video surveillance systems
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The effectiveness of video surveillance systems means not only good devices, but also the correct installation of these devices. If you come to Bezpeka LTD, you will get a guarantee of the proper operation of the installed video surveillance system, adapted to the individual project. High-quality equipment will allow you to quickly identify the lawbreaker and timely respond to illegal activities.

Maximum efficiency!
  • High-quality fixing equipment

    Development of comprehensive video surveillance system based on advanced network technologies.

  • Wide range of applications

    Recording the penetration of violators, preventing theft, supervision over the employees and visitors, vehicles movement at the object.

  • Usability

    Data output to any device (tablet PC, PC, phone).

The latest video surveillance systems can completely exclude the human factor in the protection of large objects. Flexible choices of the number of cameras, their location, surveillance modes make video surveillance systems the most modern and rational method to secure property, ensure law enforcement and protect the premises from unwanted guests.

Installation of video surveillance system suggests maximum control over the situation!

Regardless of the characteristics of the premises, installed optics, the types and models of video cameras and other specific parameters, Bezpeka LTD provides control under your safety.

We provide a full range of services related to the installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems in Kyiv and work with all types of CCTV systems. This is an abbreviation of English phrase “Closed Circuit TeleVision”, which literally means “closed television system”, but in 99% of cases, this implies the process of video surveillance over the object.

CCTV cameras are suitable for installation both in closed and open spaces. Accessibility for each customer, flexible choices, engineering, the possibility of appropriate consultation and adjustment of video surveillance systems, as

well as the installation of video surveillance systems, make our company the best security agency in Kyiv!

CCTV systems are divided into several types depending on the specifics of their main element - video camera. Cameras are analog or network.

Analog video surveillance systems are networks in which there are only cameras that transmit an analog signal, and this signal is received by devices able to receive an analog signal (televisions, monitors, video recorders). Systems of this type are considered to be out-dated, they are not efficient, and the CCTV is gradually moving away from the analog system.

Digital (network) systems are CCTV systems equipped with cameras that transform the signal into a “digit”. IP-cameras are the latest, which are easy to install, configure, and operate for a much longer time than analog cameras. 

Modern cameras provide wide opportunities for “review”, having the ability to broadcast a video stream in HD format from several cameras of the same system at once. This makes the installation process less energy-consuming, because if the image quality transmitted from the camera is high, you can locate it far from the problem areas of the object which makes installation process much easier. 

Professional video surveillance systems provided by Bezpeka LTD

Bezpeka LTD provides professional installation and adjustment of video surveillance systems in Kyiv! For the convenience of our customers, there is the possibility of engineering of new CCTV systems, where qualified specialists will model the most appropriate prototype of the future video surveillance system. The exceptional professionals work in all department of our company and they are ready to provide you with maximum safety and comfort! 

Installation of video surveillance system is a modern and economically correct solution, and while cooperating with our company you will save even more by receiving services of international standard!

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