Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance is an effective means of preventing the actions of intruders; it allows you to monitor and record what is happening on the object. Our experts will offer you the best solutions for the organization of video surveillance systems regardless of whether it is residential premises, office or industrial object.

  • Integration flexibility:

    both as individual equipment and as part of security systems of different levels of complexity that allows you to build a monitoring system of the relevant configuration.
  • Internal and external controls:

      use of video cameras in private areas, parking lots, industrial facilities, warehouses, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.
  • Real-time surveillance and recording:

    Continuous monitoring of protected areas with the possibility of delayed analysis of the event at a convenient time.
  • Service maintenance:

    repairing breakdowns, upgrading existing video monitoring systems, updating software to achieve maximum efficiency.
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Video surveillance systems
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The effectiveness of video surveillance systems means not only good devices, but also the correct installation of these devices. If you come to Bezpeka LTD, you will get a guarantee of the proper operation of the installed video surveillance system, adapted to the individual project. High-quality equipment will allow you to quickly identify the lawbreaker and timely respond to illegal activities.

Maximum efficiency!
  • High-quality fixing equipment

    Development of comprehensive video surveillance system based on advanced network technologies.

  • Wide range of applications

    Recording the penetration of violators, preventing theft, supervision over the employees and visitors, vehicles movement at the object.

  • Usability

    Data output to any device (tablet PC, PC, phone).

Installation of video surveillance systems will give you peace of mind and confidence that the facility is under reliable protection! It is a truly effective tool for instantly identifying and eliminating any dangerous situation.

“Bezpeka-LTD” offers a full range of services for the design, installation and adjustment of video surveillance systems. We will develop a new project of a video surveillance system or improve the existing one, carry out all the work on installation and adjustment – quickly and efficiently! We work with private and commercial properties.

Types of video surveillance systems

“Bezpeka-LTD” offers you to order the installation of a digital video surveillance system in Kyiv to solve the assigned tasks and ensure security.

Digital video camera

Video surveillance system by Bezpeka LTD

They are distinguished by the absence of losses in signal transmission, compatibility with digital channels of information transmission, including over a local or wireless network, as well as a higher level of protection. It is the most efficient, versatile, but also more expensive system.

Digital video surveillance systems have a number of advantages:

  • data can be written to a hard disk without conversion;
  • information can be viewed in real time;
  • access to data can be provided to several users at once;
  • ease of installation and configuration – just enter the IP address in the browser and you can track the object;
  • installation does not require a lot of equipment and wires – all information is transmitted “over the air”.

No wiring is required for IP video cameras. They connect over the network and can be placed anywhere.

What is the process of video surveillance installation?

Before installing video surveillance system Kyiv, we examine the territory, determine the points where it will be most correct to place the cameras. We draw up a plan for placing devices and laying cables, after which we select the right equipment.

Video surveillance system installation by Bezpeka LTD

To create a highly efficient system, we use modern solutions and devices that have all the necessary functionality and are able to integrate into an existing security system, update and strengthen it.

Installation of a video surveillance system consists of several stages:

  1. Analysis of the territory.
  2. Designing a video surveillance system.
  3. Selection of equipment.
  4. Execution of installation work.
  5. Setting up a video surveillance system.
  6. User training.

The number and types of cameras and other equipment largely depends on the size of the object and the time for which video monitoring is required. So, in one case, cameras without additional functionality are used, and in the other – cameras equipped with infrared illumination, motion sensors and a rotary housing. It is also necessary to select cameras with the desired viewing angle and prevent the formation of blind spots.

For a video surveillance system to be effective, cameras must be placed both inside and outside the building: this will make it possible to control the entire territory, and not just a separate part of it. The main thing is to choose the right equipment with the required functionality: with infrared illumination, zoom or rotary mechanism.

Features of setting up video surveillance systems

Any equipment needs to be configured – and video cameras are no exception. Setting up a video surveillance system is a mandatory step, including both a functional check and the provision of the necessary functionality through the development and implementation of specialized software.

In digital systems, in addition to IP cameras and IP video recorders, there are other network equipment that requires configuration.

You need to properly connect the recorder to the monitor, check the hard drive and connect to the Internet. If the router does not connect on its own, manual adjustment is required both on the router and on the video surveillance equipment. It is necessary to configure the signal transmission rate, data compression methods, check the status of the server and video recorder. Installation of video surveillance systems in Kyiv also requires licensed software. You need to follow the instructions exactly, specify the IP address, enter all the necessary information. This is the most difficult stage, so you should not do everything yourself.

To configure the remote use of the video surveillance system, you need to install the appropriate program on your PC or smartphone, log in to the system and add video surveillance devices. This allows you to view video from surveillance cameras in real time. If professionals are engaged in setting up video surveillance systems, all is clock-work!

Popular manufacturers

If you decide to order the installation of a video surveillance system in Kyiv by Bezpeka-LTD, you will significantly increase the level of security at the facility! To create a progressive security system, we use equipment from reliable manufacturers:

Ajax is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer whose equipment is distinguished by its minimalist design and high build quality. Wireless systems of this brand are installed at thousands of buildings both in Ukraine and abroad.

Dahua Technology offers innovative solutions in video surveillance systems. The equipment of this company is used in 180 countries of the world. This is more than a thousand different video cameras with different functionality and 300 models of video recorders.

Atis – offers a wide range of equipment for video surveillance systems, alarm systems and access control systems. The devices are of high quality and reasonably priced.

Hikvision is a leading manufacturer of video cameras. Offers devices with high resolution and a matrix of 2-10 megapixels. Cameras allow you to record sound from two sides, support a memory card and have anti-vandal coating. Modern software allows you to customize the functions of the video camera “for yourself”, and Multistor technology does not allow you to delete the recorded material.

Ezviz is a cloud-based video surveillance solutions company. Offers wireless IP systems with the function of recording and viewing information via the cloud.

FinMark – creates cables and wires for video surveillance systems. Offers cables for analog systems, twisted pair wires, coaxial cable of various diameters. The wires are distinguished by high speed and signal transmission quality.

Using advanced equipment from the world’s best manufacturers, we guarantee that the installation of a video surveillance system in Kyiv will be fast, easy to set up, and efficient to use!

How to order the installation of video surveillance in Bezpeka-LTD

The most important thing is to determine the required functionality. The tasks that the video surveillance system will solve. The type of video surveillance, the amount of equipment and the location of video cameras depend on this. To install the system, you need to know all the technical points and correctly develop project documentation. Only in this way will video surveillance systems work really effectively.

We offer the most favorable terms of cooperation:

  • consultation and visit of a specialist to the object;
  • assistance in choosing equipment for video surveillance systems;
  • full detailing of the estimate and favorable prices;
  • high quality equipment and cables;
  • quick installation according to the project;
  • professional software customization;
  • warranty for equipment and work done;
  • full technical support.

Equipment installation takes place in several stages: project development, preparation of all necessary elements and their subsequent installation of cameras. It is necessary to lay wires or connect cameras to a local network, connect a video recorder, select software and configure video surveillance systems in Kyiv. However, our cooperation does not end there: we are always in touch and ready to help with advice, expand the functionality of the system, replace outdated equipment.

It will be most profitable to order services for the installation of a video surveillance system in Kyiv from us! The price is always formed individually – depending on the area of the object, the number and types of equipment required. The exact cost can be determined only after agreeing on all the details.

With a modern video surveillance system, the territory will be under complete control!

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