Fire Protection Systems

In case of fire or smoke in one of your premises, a sound signal will alert you.

  • Self-sufficiency:

    the simplest type of equipment to ensure the necessary level of fire safety, automatic activation in case of fire and smoke detection.
  • Individual settings:

    the ability to connect an additional GSM unit to duplicate hazard reporting on a cell phone to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Rapidity and ease of installation:

    installation of fire safety system without the need for laying wire paths and further repair of the ceiling and walls - it consists only of autonomous detectors.
  • Service maintenance:

    operational check of uninterruptible power supply units for detectors and sensors to eliminate the risk of system failure at a critical time.
Service Cost
Fire Protection Systems
from 25 UAH/hour
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Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The installation of reliable fire protection system resistant to dangerous factors of fire is able to ensure the consistency of property and the preservation of human life! We will install effective fire protection system developed according to fire regulations.

Maximum efficiency!
  • Instant response

    Activation of autonomous detectors in case of fire detection.

  • Safe and economically

    The optimal solution for private objects that do not require the installation of an automatic fire alarm system on a compulsory basis.

  • Variability

    The ability to install both wireless and wired fire alarms.

Autonomous fire security is a budgetary, but at the same time no less reliable way of security, suitable for installation on objects of any type. In the case of one or several sensors triggering, the autonomous system gives loud sound signal notifying people of a possible fire. Proper autonomous fire security provided by Bezpeka LTD will become a reliable shield protecting the dwelling, work space or the whole enterprise from the destructive effect of fire!

Autonomous fire security provided by Bezpeka LTD is the best fire security measure!

Autonomous fire security provided by Bezpeka LTD is around-the-clock protection of objects against fires! We undertake all obligations associated with the installation and adjustment of fire alarm systems. Depending on the location, architecture and other specificities of the objects of our customers, we develop an installation plan. We install the latest instruments and sensors that are responsible for finding possible sources of fire and timely notifying in case of danger. Such equipment is universal and suitable for installation on any objects: 

  • residential buildings and apartments;
  • warehouses, hangars and garages;
  • shops, malls and offices.

Autonomous fire security provided by Bezpeka LTD will protect your house at night or while you are absent, and in the case of smoke and fire sensors, it will draw attention to a fire, ensuring its prompt localization. When patrolling large premises with a high level of fire danger, it is difficult for physical security officers to identify the source of fire in the phase when it is possible to localize it by expedient means (for example, with a regular powder fire extinguisher).

The autonomous fire security will provide reliable protection of property from fires! Proper autonomous fire security is necessary in premises of any type, but especially in situations where there are a large number of people - in shops, retail spaces at exhibitions. Autonomous fire security will promptly notify employees and guests about the fire, which guarantees prompt evacuation, localization and elimination of the source of fire. Bezpeka LTD provides autonomous fire security services at loyal prices! Many entrepreneurs and individuals in Kyiv have become our customers, and the majority of our contracts are long-term, which only confirms the high level of customer confidence and the quality of our services.

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