Company quality management system

ISO 18788 is one of the most important certifications for companies involved in the implementation and development of security systems that are interested in creating an effective model for managing internal processes. ISO 18788 certification helps to develop an effective management system for private security operations and guarantees complete protection of client data.

It is extremely difficult to bring all regulatory and technical processes of the company in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 18788 provisions, because sometimes it requires significant changes in the guidelines, full-fledged interaction of the departments of the organization and all components of the security systems involved. That is why ISO 18788 certification is an indicator of a quality approach to cooperation with clients, respect for them, protection of their reputation and all the data they provide, as well as compliance with the provisions of legislation in force and human rights.

The importance of the ISO 18788 standard can hardly be overestimated! At least six months passed from the decision to bring all work processes in accordance with this standard to the receipt of the certificate, and during this time we not only improved our work, but also rethought the very approach to it. And now we are convinced that our services fully meet the needs of the client and allow us to provide unprecedented control over the management of security operations!

Being aware of the need to provide qualitative security services and ensure high world standards for customer service, in 2004 Bezpeka LTD was the first Ukrainian security company to introduce a quality management system according to the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

For many years, we have confirmed our professionalism in the field of safety and security, each time improving the quality of our work, introducing new technologies and modernizing the company's management.

The ISO 9001 certificate confirms the accuracy of our actions and allows us both to remain competitive in a market-driven economy, and to be among the leaders of security services.

The ISO 9001 standard deals with customer interaction, responsibility for the actions and service maintenance of equipment, and, most importantly, the introduction of actually qualitative technical and information resources. All this allows us to take the lead among the Ukrainian companies that provide security services and work with security systems!

We are sure that our path is right, because it brings benefits to our customers!

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The main activity type of Bezpeka - LTD is the object security.
The staff members of physical security department are carefully selected

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