The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

As from now, Bezpeka LTD is a member of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs. We became a member of the SUP to gain practical knowledge, which allows us to improve our services and guarantee 100% safety.

Bezpeka LTD has been working consistently in the security services market for more than 25 years and reliably keeps guard over its customers. We are convinced that the comfort and safety of the customers is the most important thing in our work. We are constantly developing, creating new benefits and using the latest security system technologies to ensure that you are 100% protected.

It is for an even better understanding of your needs and improvement of security services Bezpeka LTD joined the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs. This allows us to publicly solve business problems in our country and improve customer service. We are focused on efficient cooperation and high-quality services, so we will use the experience of successful entrepreneurs to develop in the future.

Why Bezpeka - LTD?

Ensuring information security should be aimed primarily at preventing risks, and not at eliminating their consequences. That is why handling all vulnerabilities and developing a set of actions is the main security task! Our experts will find all the weaknesses and offer the best option to avoid losing information.

Among our clients