Use of modern technologies

Effective security includes both qualified employees and advanced technologies that provide unique opportunities.

The use of new generation of Ajax wireless security systems allows us to create unique security networks that are 100% protected from false alarms and physical hacking. The system works with sensors of various types, due to which it is possible to develop a system of needed purpose, including a combined one, easily supplementing it with various modules if necessary, expanding the opportunities of the security system.

Reliability of external communication in Ajax devices is guaranteed thanks to duplication of channels (Ethernet and GSM), and even in the event of a local router failure, electrical power outages or other technical problems, an alarm signal will be received through the alternate communication channel.

Ajax combines ease of installation and high reliability. It is easy to manage such an alarm system: activate/deactivate, supplement with new modules and sensors, which makes it really convenient.

Advanced technologies, stable communication between devices even at a distance of 2000 m, signal protection from interception and suppression – due to all these things the security systems developed by our company are really efficient and provide reliable protection against intruders and technical failures!



Why Bezpeka - LTD?

The main activity type of Bezpeka - LTD is the object security.
The staff members of physical security department are carefully selected

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